10 Reasons Why COVID Fear Was Misguided

This case study will show why the COVID response & media fear mongering has mislead many people to believe this issue is significantly worse than it is.

With that said, the >300,000 Americans who passed in 2020 with COVID is truly saddening and my heart goes out to all families. Equally as it does for the other 2,500,000 American who die yearly.

It’s depressing but I will die, my friends have and will die, my family have and will die. Unfortunately every second 1.8 Americans die, it is an awful and sad fact of life.

However, I am writing this as many factual variables arose that have not been adding up. Anecdotal occurrences have since made me want to dive in more to the numbers, research and overall true information on COVID 19.

Example: I have been tested for COVID four times and three out of four tests there were mistakes. From false positives to complete giant errors. A doctor said to me “your test was negative per your online results we sent, the mail you got with a positive result was just someone making a mistake on their computer when they mailed it to you…” this happened. What other numbers are inflated?

I also have 20 friends in the medical field (doctors, PAs, nurses) and 18/20 have said it definitely is an issue but not to the extent it has been blown up to be, but again these aren’t facts. I could go on with anecdotal examples (I do at the end). However, first we have factual info to hopefully calm your fears regarding COVID 19.

All facts will be using USA numbers for the research to compare apples to apples. No, I am not a scientist or a doctor. However I graduated my Master’s with honors in research, have published research studies in periodical journals… and this is a research case study.

1. World Hunger Could Have Been Solved for 112 years saving 1 billion lives

World hunger kills 9 million people per year. The US has spent 5.6 trillion dollars on COVID relief bills.

You can feed someone with $5 per day. Let’s say we even triple that to $15 a day with need for staff & shipping etc. That means it costs 50 billion dollars per year to feed 9 million people.

Divide 5.6 trillion by 50 billion. We could solve world hunger for 112 years saving 1,008,0000,0000 lives vs. the COVID relief bills. 

COVID apologists like to call me heartless and selfish for not caring about my family, neighbors, countries and my own health due to my COVID stance… Yet my stance saves 9 million lives per year forever, vs. the >300,000 in the USA who sadly passed with COVID.

I care about the greater good and the world over my own life… and that is if COVID was even near as dangerous as the media wants you to believe per the CDC statistics I will show you below.

2. 678,000 Americans Die From Poor Nutrition

Per multiple studies including this one here, show how many people sadly die from poor nutrition in this “strongest” 1st world country.

As we know and per this CDC report, most people passing with COVID have underlying issues that all are surrounding good overall health.

So while less than 300k people passed with COVID in 2020, the research below infers that many of those >300k deaths are rolled up into the 678,000 nutritional death bucket.

3. Heart Disease Killed 659,000 & Respiratory Disease Killed 157,000 Americans in 2019

Per the CDC report here, those numbers above are factual. Both of those are deadly on their own, with zero other comorbidities or help needed.

Per this report (scroll down to comorbidities), 1.5 years into COVID 19, which is called COVID 19 as it began November of 2019), 250,000 people have died with Respiratory disease, COVID and 0.7 other comorbidities.

Doing the math that is 15,000 more than 1.5 years of standard Respiratory Disease deaths, which kills people with zero comorbidities.

Per the same report, you will also see 300,000 deaths including some form of heart disease, which as we know kills 659,000 per year in the USA.

All while keep all of this info above in mind along with the 659,000 Americans who die from poor nutrition, which includes heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and literally every cause of death WITH COVID per this CDC report.

4. The Flu and Pneumonia has been cured

Per this same CDC report 233,000 people dying with COVID also had influenza or pneumonia… meanwhile influenza outside of COVID has been cured.

Per this CDC Map page of the flu… the flu has been cured. Of which you can go checkout easily yourself here and compare year to year, here is the commonly worse week of flu compared between December 2019 to 2020.

Why COVID IS fake CDC Flu Comparison CDC Flu Comparison

Of course COVID apologists say the flu is cured because people have been washing hands more and getting more flu shots. I completely agree the flu could regress from this. I believe it could regress 10%… 20%… but 95% cured, something seems amiss.

Which all of this leads us to 2.7…

5. 2.7 Comorbidities

Per the CDC report here you need 2.7 comorbidities for COVID to be fatal. A comorbidity is defined as the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a patient.

This takes all of the above and begs the question, how many more excessive deaths were from COVID?

6. 6% of COVID deaths were deaths from COVID 94% were with COVID

Adding to the 2.7 comorbidities this is another major example of how COVID death numbers have been inflated. Currently 500,000 deaths with COVID goes down to 30,000 directly from COVID.

The stats above leads to the thought that the majority of people passing with COVID fall under the column the average number of deaths each year annually from aforementioned comorbidities.

7. 1 in 3 Death Certificates are incorrect

Per the USA Today and many articles like this one, prior to COVID 30%+ of death certificates were incorrect. Combine that with COVID needing to be have 2.7 comorbidities and we can see where COVID numbers could easily be inflated on top of everything already mentioned.

Of course the media uses this to say the opposite that those 30% could be just more missed COVID deaths. However with the above comorbidity statistics I really hope you can see it is much more believable that COVID deaths were marked incorrectly, not the other way.

Keep in mind I have gotten 2 positive COVID tests four months apart with zero symptoms just miraculously the only times I have gotten tested. And the follow up tests same day, the three other results each were negative… surely death stats could be inflated…

8. COVID Fallout Deaths

CDC reported 2020 as the worst year ever for overdoses. In Arizona overdoses are up 50% per this report here and others have opioid deaths up 70%.

USA Today reported here mass shootings are up 50% in 2020. Washington post and a ton of other reports like this one here have noted 1/4 young adults struggling with suicides amongst an awful suicide epidemic. 

Of course COVID apologists will say the 2020 death rate is up due to COVID even though we are seeing enormous numbers of deaths due to the response from COVID and not directly from COVID itself.

9. COVID increasing hunger deaths, Tuberculosis, malaria & AIDS deaths significantly. Millions of added deaths due to COVID restrictions.

There are a plethora of articles and studies out there showing the impact of COVID having a catastrophic effect on the aid and help for hunger deaths, tuberculosis and AIDS epidemics.

Any quick Google research will show you hunger deaths linked to COVID restrictions. This article by AP News you can see they see 10,000 child deaths each month due to hunger.

This article from Time.com you can see their article from an Oxfam report that “121 million people could be  pushed to the brink of starvation this year” and hunger and famine deaths could exceed those than the COVID itself.

There are these and hundreds more showing hunger related deaths due to COVID restricting the ability to get people food.

Regarding tuberculosis, Aids and Malaria a quick Google search of that will show you a ton of reports on this but so far one that I will zero in on is the report by Friends Of the Global Fight you can read here. They are Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria advocates with a mission to save lives of those threatened by those issues.

They reported that in sub-Saharan Africa alone there could be 500,000 extra deaths from AIDS due to COVID rules restricting helping those in need.

They report COVID lockdown measures could erase five years of progress on tuberculosis with an additional 1.4 million deaths over five years.

They also report Malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could double!


10. Numbers similar in Open states vs. closed states

Per the CDC these are the numbers of a few of the top publicity states when it comes to the pandemic and their deaths with COVID per 100,000 people.

Wide open much maligned states Texas and Florida have similar deaths to locked down New York & California. Open Texas is 159 deaths per 100k & Florida is 149 while the locked down states of California is 140 deaths and New York is 149.

Keep in mind as mentioned there is error across the board with what the true numbers are so I would think leave 20 deaths more or less due to the variables mentioned above.

11. CNN Ran A Story that George Floyd Had COVID

I will get into this more in a point down below but this is just awful and unreal all in the same breath. Here is the story for you where CNN wanted you to know Floyd had COVID. 

“But the virus played no known role in his death and he was likely not contagious, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office said in its final report Wednesday.”

12. If COVID was truly going to kill anyone and everyone would politicians be breaking their own rules consistently?

What do you truly think?

13. Age Of Death From COVID is the same as Age of Death from All causes

Per the research by the National Academy of Sciences of the USA report here, “the increase in mortality by age from COVID-19 strongly resembles the age pattern of all-cause mortality.”

Their research also mentions “…when the loss of life is put into comparative perspective, we see that the scale of an epidemic with 1 million deaths would be as large as that of the recent opioid and HIV crises” 

14. Media Fear Mongering

Do you know the #1 rule in journalism? “If it bleeds it leads.” This is why every newscast starts with murders, car crashes and everything else.

It is our fault really as we as humans for some morbid reason love to consume it, such as why we slow down and look at car crashes or love UFC & fighting. 

As a moderate liberal I used to love CNN and I hated Fox News. CNN now repulses me and is a disgrace to journalism. Media in general is a disgrace with not much actual journalism and just reporting their agenda and scaring you into consumption.

You need to look at CNN and any media as a business. Them non stop scaring you and forcing you to tune in has absolutely cashed in on COVID. 

CNN brags in this article here they saw the 2nd biggest audience in history in August 2020… in the midst of a pandemic they actually bragged about you tuning into this…

Not only that they have a disgusting 24/7 COVID death ticker on their channel. They don’t do that for the double the deaths via cancer or heart disease… but do for COVID.

15. Hospitals in USA At Capacity

Healthcare in the USA is a business. People don’t make hospitals to sit empty just like a restaurant isn’t 3x bigger than an average customer base with 3x more staff than needed. Hospitals always run at a high occupancy or they would not make any money.

Remember when the Navy hospital ship docked in New York and was never used and sailed away two weeks later… 

With all that said, thank you to all hero health care workers who have worked longer hours and risked their lives to battle the COVID issue. I do believe and know it is an issue, that is not what this article is fully about.

16. Follow The Money

Shocker big pharma makes billions… just google it but here is one for you here. Shocker, insider trading happened as government officials made millions taking their money out of the stock market before COVID came through hard and bought back in later for 100% profits doubling their money. I would know, I did this but with much less money.

Relief bills you are getting $2,000-3,000 over the year… where did the other 4 trillion go…

Would COVID be 5x+ the deaths if we didn’t lockdown

The argument that if we didn’t do lockdown the deaths would have been even higher comes up often.

The numbers above show that liberal lockdown states didn’t see a major significance in saved lived and the facts that deaths seem to be on par with Heart Disease, nutritional deaths and more. 

Conclusion & Solution

It seems with the facts and data above that it is reasonable to believe the deaths with COVID would be happening to people even if COVID was not present. It may have sped things up for those at risk but per the CDC 6 percent of deaths or 30,000 last year are attributed to just COVID alone and the other 94% to people with 2.7 comorbidities.

My solution is and was to stay home if you feel threatened. The rest of everything opens up and people get on to living their lives. Imagine 2.5 million people died in the USA this past year and this lockdown was the last year of their life to live and enjoy!

If you are in a position where you fear for your life or are at risk then you can live off the government funding that is out there for COVID 19. However, the rest of people who want to get back to work and living can.

The others can stay inside and live off government assistance like how 15 million Americans currently already are. Hopefully that number goes to a fraction of the 15 million as well since people want to get back to living their lives and working etc.

Anecdotes – Non Factual Evidence

As mentioned I wanted to write this as things were just not adding up on my end. Below are a few main things that stood out making me want to explore further.

A. My Own Personal COVID Tests

I went to get tested over two periods, both when I was required to for travel 4 months separated from each other. Miraculously with no symptoms and now issues the only times I have ever got tested I have gotten false positives.

I went to get tests and second opinions after only for those to be negative. On top of that one of the test results was put into my online health portal and they also mailed the EXACT SAME test info to me.

Online it said my test was negative, where the mail that was sent from the SAME TEST said I was positive. I addressed this the next time I went for my test and the doctor said “you weren’t positive, the mail someone must have clicked the wrong box.” THIS HAPPENED!

B. Six Degrees Of Separation

I have a pretty large social media presence and through social media alone I am six degrees of separation from millions of people.

I have not seen or heard of one COVID related death and only know of one severely sick person who recovered. I have seen 20 other deaths from overdoses, car accidents, suicides and almost lost two family members to car accidents and to a brain tumor.

Again, this isn’t proof of anything but out of millions of people I found it weird I don’t know any deaths from anyone I know or knows someone who knows someone… just statistics.

C. Are COVID Deaths Statistics vs. Real People

With the 6 degrees of separation note I also noticed no celebrities were dying of COVID when this past year we lose over 100+ major celebrities. 

Again these aren’t facts but just got me wondering. When deaths are in the limelight those families want you to know the true cause of death, not just get a box ticked that it was a COVID death.

We also know people with money get better hospital care and their true cause of death found out vs. being the 30%+ of us who have incorrect death certificates per Fact #7 above.

Larry King actually was initially said to have died from COVID in the media before his wife said this was incorrect. She wasn’t going to let him be a statistic either. And let’s also keep in mind King was not looking the healthiest individual for the last 5+ years as he battled a ton of major issues.

Now all of that above does not mean much as it is just anecdotal evidence… however it is what got me to start looking deeper into #s.


I truly am sorry if I offended anyone. I have a heart and left my cushy white collar job to be broke and found a non-profit for lower-income kids and changed my life to help people as a priority.

I do believe COVID is an issue and people are dying with it and from it. Per above I just think the response and mental status of people regarding it has been mislead. 

I also 100% percent will appreciate the irony more than anyone if I die from COVID after publishing this. I know my friends and family will have a laugh about my stubbornness all the way to the grave, which I expect nothing less. 

I am so sorry and apologize again to anyone who has a family member who has passed from COVID. I also apologize to everyone who has had family members die. I just think the overall handling and fear mongering has been overblown per my statistics above.

Yes, I went over 10 reasons as it turns out there were even more than I thought originally once I dove into it even more…


Hey I’m Fraser. My site is dedicated to the 22nd century person with a lust for travel and adventure, need for time efficient recipe ideas as well as anyone in need of self-help or a pick-me up! Thanks for visiting Inspire Travel Eat!

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