15 Best Hikes In Arizona

What are the best hiking trails in Arizona? Arizona has some of the best hikes in the country and arguably the best hike on the entire continent!

Best Sedona Hikes Soldier's Pass Cave Hike Trail - Sedona Hike

Arizona is a hiking mecca and is a place you have to circle as your next hike destination if you haven’t been already! You could do 5 of the best hikes in the state and none of them are even the Grand Canyon!

Bob Bear Trail Hike Fossil Springs 13

Year-round amazing weather, waterfalls and vast open space make it a perfect place to get outdoors. If you love waterfalls, who doesn’t, then click here for the 13 best waterfalls in Arizona!

Humphreys Peak Hike Guide & Tips

Below is not only a list of the best hikes in Arizona but also entire guides for each of the best Arizona hikes if you click through to the full articles themselves.

Havasupai Falls Guide & Tips

We rank all hikes by region but the two best are at the bottom in their own areas as they are that amazing. The two best hikes are not only the best in Arizona but the entire country.

The best hike in Arizona is hands down the best hike in the country and is in the top 3 hikes in the entire world!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

Honorable Mentions

Antelope Canyon | Page AZ

Arizona truly is an wonder and below hikes don’t even include the stunning area of Antelope Canyon, which isn’t really a hike but is still something you absolutely have to see if you are ever near Page Arizona!

Page Arizona Antelope Canyon Best Things To Do 4

Devil’s Bridge | Sedona, AZ

A Sedona staple and most everyone on earth knows about this amazing picture. It doesn’t make the list as the hike itself is pretty short and not that scenic aside from the final shot. See here for a full Devil’s Bridge guide.

Unfortunately this hike has become incredibly busy, which takes away from some of the prestige. With 30+ minute wait times to take “the picture” it has gone down the list of must-visit places in Sedona.

If you love Sedona, see here for the 8 best hikes in Sedona & here for the best restaurants!

Horseshoe Bend

Page Arizona Horeshoe Canyon Best Things To Do

Like Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe bend doesn’t get a ranking as it truly is not a hike as it is a walk along a cement path to one of the prettiest views in the country and even the world.

However, it has to be included it as some people view it as a hike and it is just another example of another outdoor natural wonder in Arizona.

This incredible place is on every screen saver on earth and cannot be missed if you are ever in Northern Arizona. For the entire area guide as well on other amazing things in the area see our article here for the Horseshoe Bend guide with tips.

15. Sedona Subway Cave

If you want to find the Subway Cave see here for the full article. An iconic shot in Sedona and a must visit this is one of the more spectacular sites in the state!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

Not only is the end view amazing but the hike itself is great as you go through Boynton Canyon. There are even restored ruins on the hike making it an absolute must-do when in Sedona!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

14. Camelback Mountain with Secret Cave

Camelback Mountain Best Hikes Phoenix Cave

Camelback Mountain is probably the most quintessential hike in Arizona and a Phoenix staple. While it has become a tourist mecca, it is for good reason being an incredible mountain in the middle of one of the most popular towns in the country.

The hike itself is also the perfect workout that will challenge all fitness levels. With two different sides to go up you can decided if you want to do the longer Cholla Trail route or the more direct and more strenuous way via Echo Canyon.

Camelback Mountain Hike

The Hike is 2.8 miles via Cholla Trail and 2.3 miles via Echo Canyon with an elevation gain of 1,280 feet. There is also a hidden cave that only locals about, which you can find along with an entire Camelback Mountain guide here.

13. Soldier’s Pass To Secret Caves

Another amazing spot in Sedona, Soldier’s Pass makes the list due to it having multiple incredible sites along the way!

The caves alone are breathtaking but along the way you also get to visit the 7 Sacred Pools and the large sinkhole. The hike is a great length for all skill levels.

The only downside to this hike is the lack of parking. However, see our guide here for full info and overflow parking so you can see this great hike!

12. Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail 

Flatiron Peak via Siphon Draw Trail Best Hike in Phoenix

This is the best hike in Phoenix and less than 45 minutes from downtown. Located in the Superstition Mountains Flatiron leads you through multiple unique landscapes and almost separate ecosystems along the way.

You start off in the desert, then you are in Mars on and area of exposed rock, then you are in the rainforest and before you know it you are overlooking the entire city. 

Flatiron Peak via Siphon Draw Trail Best Hike in Phoenix

Flatiron via Siphon Draw trail is 6.5 miles round-trip with an elevation gain of 2,900 feet. The hike is strenuous and be very careful hiking it in the Arizona summer. For full info, permit info, parking and tips see the full Flatiron guide here.

11. Water Wheel Falls

Water Wheel Falls is a perfect little hike with some great falls to play in! This hike is great for families as the kids will love playing in the little falls and the pools!

water wheel falls hike guide

The hike is easy enough for any skill level and is a perfect place to hangout on a hot summer day! See here for a full guide to Water Wheel Falls.

10. Wet Beaver Creek & The Crack

Wet Beaver Creek The Crack

Some may scoff at this being on the list but this just means they don’t know the secret. The standard Wet Beaver Creek hike is meh at best until the end. You hike along a hard packed path for miles with no real great scenery along the way… however you can change that.

Wet Beaver Creek The Crack

There is a secret path to Wet Beaver Creek that makes it an incredible adventure and so much more fun than the standard path.

It is tougher than the flat path and definitely need to have a sense of adventure but the views and sites you will get from this path is amazing as you can see by the pictures.

Wet Beaver Creek The Crack

If you want the secret to making it amazing then see our full article guide on Wet Beaver Creek trail here! Wet Beaver Creek is 7 miles long and can be really hot if you stay exposed on the trail the entire way. The Crack at the end can be a party on the weekends as well so be aware it won’t be peaceful.

Wet Beaver Creek The Crack Hike

9. Seven Falls Trail

Seven Falls trail is the best hike in Southern Arizona and is right in Tucson. It of course is amazing as its namesake with seven falls to see!

Seven Falls Tucson Best Waterfalls Arizona

The hike itself is perfect as well because you cross the stream multiple times, hike along the water the entire way and it is just extremely peaceful.

This is a great hike for kids, dogs and families. It is a little long at 6.5 miles but it is relatively flat and not too hard. For the full guide and tips on Seven Falls see our article here.

Seven Falls Tucson Best Waterfalls Arizona

8. West Fork Trail

West Fork Trail Best Hikes In Sedona

This makes the list as it is a hike that anyone can do, it is flat and peaceful for miles of beauty.

West Fork Trail is one of Sedona’s most well known hikes. With its popularity comes it being extremely busy but thankfully the parking lot limits the amount of people who can park and hike. 

The hike is also quite long so the further you get down the path the fewer and fewer people there will be as the start can be congested.

West Fork Trail Best Hikes In Sedona

The hike is stunning during the fall with the changing leaves colors and a major tip is to hike down the creek in the summer or whenever it is manageable. 

Hiking down the creek offers some amazing unique views along the water as well as escapes a lot of the other hikers. The hike is 7 miles round-trip but you can turn around whenever you have seen enough or are tired.

See here for a full guide to the West Fork Trail hike here.

7. Bear Mountain Trail 

Bear Mountain is the best hike in Sedona but is also one of the hardest hikes in Sedona. This hike offers a new absolutely incredible view with every turn.

With different little crevices and 360 views of the entire region you are treated to stunning sites the entire hike.

Best Hikes In Sedona Bear Mountain Trail 4

While it is hard at 4.5 miles round-trip and a 2,000 feet elevation change, the hike is worth it with some of the best views in all of Sedona. For the full Bear Mountain hike guide see here. 

6. Cibecue Falls

Cibecue Falls trail hike guide

Cibecue Falls is such a perfect hike for the Arizona summer. You cross the creek seven times, which keeps you nice and cool and you are swallowed in the canyon most of the time keeping you in the shade a lot as well.

The hike is also a perfect length at just 4 miles round-trip.

Cibecue Falls trail hike guide

There are a bunch of small swimming holes along the way to wade in and get some great pictures. There is also another set of waterfalls nearby to Cibecue, which is an extra bonus.

If you want to see the other falls in the area, which are also top 13 waterfalls in Arizona, see the entire Cibecue Falls guide here.

Cibecue Falls trail hike guide

5. West Clear Creek Wilderness Hike to Hanging Springs & Pool Grande

West Clear Creek Wilderness Trail Hike Tramway Trail Hanging Gardens hike

One of the more secret hikes on this list, this hike is hard to find but absolutely amazing! See here for a full guide on how to find it!

This hike is moderate to hard as you have to scale down and up the side of the mountain to get down to the creek. However, when you do get down there it is absolutely stunning!

West Clear Creek Wilderness Trail Hike Tramway Trail Hanging Gardens hike

4. Humphrey’s Peak

Humphreys Peak Hike Guide & Tips

Humphrey’s Peak is the most challenging day hike in Arizona and it isn’t really the 10.5 miles of hiking but more the elements. Humphrey’s weather can change in an instant. 

What once is a peaceful hike in the trees turns into Mordor, hail storms, crazy winds and snow as you pass the saddle exposed out of the tree line. The hike is great with stunning 360 views of the entire area but just be prepared.

Many of the best hikers are forced to turn around due to hail storms, extreme wind and lightning storms. You should also not attempt this hike in the Winter without spikes and poles as there is snow at the top.

You definitely need to take this hike very seriously and over-pack, over-layer and over-prepare. The nice weather meadow at the bottom will be a polar opposite 3-4 hours later at the top.

Humphreys Peak Hike Guide & Tips

The hike is 10.5 miles and can take from 4-8 hours pending the hiker and weather. Definitely start early to avoid being stuck at night. See here for the full guide & tips article on Humphrey’s Peak.

3. South Kaibab Trail | Best Grand Canyon Hike

South Kaibab Trail

South Kaibab Trail edges the higher trafficked Bright Angel Trail due to being less in the canyon and wide open with spectacular views. The quintessential switchbacks are a unique site along the way and you can make it as short or as long as you want.

South Kaibab Trail

South Kaibab Trail is also a bit more difficult than Bright Angel Trail, which also makes it filled with less tourists and people in the way. As silly as it sounds the Grand Canyon is truly even bigger than you would think and South Kaibab offers it in all its splendor.

South Kaibab Trail

The hike is great as you can turnaround at multiple viewpoints throughout the hike whether you want to go 1.8 or 12.6 miles. Of course remember you are going downhill so don’t go too far where you can’t make it back up.

2. Bob Bear Trail (formerly Fossil Springs) | Best Day Hike In Arizona

Fossil Springs now called Bob Bear Trail is the best day hike in Arizona hands down. While the hike itself only has a few bright spots until the bottom… the bottom is a wonderland of waterfalls, caves, grottos, swimming holes, springs and the infamous toilet bowl.

Bob Bear Trail Hike Fossil Springs 13

One of the coolest hikes in Arizona and all of the united states this hike has the most payoffs of any day hike I have seen in the world. You can spend an entire day down there frolicking in the incredible oasis in the desert. 

Bob Bear Trail Hike Fossil Springs 13

The hike is 9 miles round-trip and definitely take your time enjoying it down there and finding the secret cave! For where to find the cave and a full Bob Bear Trail guide see there article here!

1. Havasupai Falls 

Havasupai Falls Guide & Tips

The entire world knows about Havasupai Falls and I have argued it is the best place on earth. Not just hike on earth… place on earth. It the most stunning natural stretch of land I have ever seen.

It isn’t just one waterfall like some people may think… there 5 surreal waterfalls and the absolutely amazing confluence, which not many make it to.

On top of that you are cut off from civilization, camped next to seemingly fake turquoise water and the sense of accomplishment hiking 30-50 miles over 3-4 days.

Havasupai Falls Guide & Tips

The incredible site of the main Havasu Falls is arguably the 3rd best site on the trip as Mooney Falls are the most jaw dropping falls and standing from the top you truly think you are in Jurassic Park. 

Havasupai Falls Guide & Tips

The unique confluence where the havasupai waters meet the brown Colorado river is a site to see as well. Even 50 Foot Falls seems like it is out of a story book.

There is so much to see and having been there 4 times there is always something more to discover.

Havasupai Falls Guide & Tips

If you are a hiker this has to be your #1 bucket list in the world. See here for a full Havasupai Falls guide with how to get permits, what to pack, secrets, tips and more!

Havasupai Falls Guide & Tips



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