2 Best Secret Cave Hikes In Sedona

These incredible caves are becoming not-so-secret so best to go out and see them now before it is swarmed with people like Devil’s Bridge!

If you have frequented Sedona a lot and looking for the next great picture… then you absolutely have to get to these two caves below. If you are looking for the Subway Cave trail then click here for the full guide to find this amazing place pictured below!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

One of the caves might be my favorite thing in Sedona… it truly was just so beautiful and unique inside, it felt like I was in some adventure novel, like I was the Hardy Boys… Anyways, both of these are stunning caves and so serene and as well as unique.

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One of the hikes is extremely easy at two flat miles round trip while the other is 4.5 miles with a moderate incline as you get closer to the caves. Both are amazing spots and I actually did both the same day!

I know the suspense is killing you, if you’re even still reading this… what are the best two cave hikes in Sedona? Well, the long one is off of Soldier’s Pass trail and the shorter one is the Birthing Cave hike.

If you have done the same hike over and over then it definitely is time to branch out and try these ones!

Soldier’s Pass is made even better because along the way you get to see the Seven Sacred Pools as well as Devil’s Kitchen. Both of these make the hike pretty nice in their own right but the addition of the caves just take it to the next level.

It has become one of my favorite hikes in Sedona as the caves truly are just that stunning and cool!

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I would say try to do them early and hope to avoid any crowds so you can have the places to yourself. If are lucky to have either on your own than you will experience some of the best neature and serenity you could ask for.

Soldier's Pass Cave Hike



Elevation Gain:

900 ft


4.5 Miles - 2-3 hours - Out & Back

The hike begins at the parking lot where you get onto the trail passing the map that shows information and trails in the area… however it doesn’t show the location of the secret caves!

FYI: be sure not to get onto the ATV trail and that you go down the walking trail. Follow the trail and you will instantly cross a little stream or dry creek bed pending time of year.

Then it is up a little hill and go right. Within half a mile you will see Devil’s Kitchen.

Devil’s Kitchen is the largest sinkhole in Sedona. Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole is 150 ft wide and 50 ft deep, which was created in the late 1800s.

After checking out Devil’s Kitchen it is back on the trail towards your next treat, the Seven Sacred Pools.

The Seven Sacred Pools are less than a mile away and another great bucket list spot in Sedona.

What are the Seven Sacred Pools and how were they formed? The Seven Sacred Pools were naturally created and cut from the sandstone canyon. From there they are filled from a natural stream.

Some of their beauty comes from the reflection of the blue skies and surrounding red rock. Depending on the time of year you can spot the tadpoles living within them.

After exploring around the the Seven Sacred Pools it’s time to hop back on the path and get going to the caves!

The Caves are a little hard to find and are 3/4 miles from the seven sacred pools.

You will come to a fork in the road (above), which one side has a little log and some sticks placed in front of it, which pushes people to the left.

You want to go right/straight & walk over those sticks to carry on for less than 1/4 a mile up to the table mesa.

From there looking up and you might be able to see a where the caves are. At the end of the Mesa in the far back right corner (NW corner) you will see the path to start going up (pictured below).

There might even be a cactus arrow still there for you.

From there the trek gets a little harder as you start to ascend up the hill. Less than a mile more you will get up close and personal to the caves.

Be sure to take your time and explore them all as they all have their own unique vantage points and pictures.

There are two sets of caves and both are pretty cool but the main one is unreal.

Tip: use Pano on your iPhone to get the whole cave entrance when taking a picture from within.

Be sure to climb up into the main cave. There are two different ways to do it, one from the outside and one from the inside. Both are not easy and shouldn’t be attempted by those that aren’t fairly athletic.

Again, the pictures within the cave are unreal! Definitely my new favorite picture in Sedona! Plus everyone has a Devil’s Bridge picture these days, go explore something new!


  • The one cave is maybe my favorite thing in Sedona
  • Three unique things to see on this hike
  • Not too difficult of a hike
  • Perfect length of a hike, not too long and not too short.
  • Stunning picturesque cave
  • The 7 Sacred Pools offer a really pretty picture contrasted with the hills behind it
  • Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole is a fun addition


  • Parking is really limited. Additional parking at Jordan Road Trailhead but it adds another mile to the hike
  • The caves can get very busy during peak times and on weekends
  • The main cave is hard to get up into and shouldn’t be done by people who are not pretty athletic


  • Additional Soldier’s Pass parking at Jordan Road Trailhead
  • Use the iPhone Pano setting when inside the cave if you can’t get the whole cave entrance
  • Go during the weekday to avoid crowds
  • Don’t hog too much time in the cave as others want to take pictures as well
  • Definitely get up into the main cave for the best area

Birthing Cave via Long Canyon Trail



Elevation Gain:

300 ft


2 Miles - Out & Back - 1.5-2 hours

Getting to the hike in itself is a little confusing as Google Maps sometimes will take you past the trail. This is especially true as there is a good chance you might not have service out there.

Thus, definitely download Google offline maps before you go. You should always download the offline maps on any trip, it is such a good help!

Anyways, head to Long Canyon Trailhead and there will probably be cars parked to the left where you can see a trail entrance.

If you go to the golf course you went 1/4 mile too far and will get turned around by security.

Once you find the trailhead, there is a trail map just at the start. Start at Long Canyon Trailhead and go straight for about .6 miles until there is a fork in the road. From there you go left, which the sticks direct you that way.

From there just another .4 miles going directly at the mountain you are walking towards, which is where the cave is. There may be sticks crossed again to keep people off the track as at one point the path was closed for re-vegetation.

Thus, please stick to the path if you are hiking there. You will see the mouth of the cave and probably see people up there or hear them so it isn’t too difficult to find.

Once you make it there is one of the most immaculate views you will ever come across. It truly is stunning and so serene overlooking the red rocks of sedona.


  • Short & easy for all levels of hiker.
  • Dogs are allowed on a leash.
  • Very cool and serene place if you have it to yourself..


  • Pretty short so not major exercise, thus add another hike to it!
  • To take “the picture” you need a wide angle lens or use Pano on an iphone and crawl up into the belly button.
  • The crowding also makes taking any pictures tough.


  • Download Offline Google maps as a good chance you won’t have service as you get to the trailhead.
  • Good quick hike so you can also do Soldier’s Pass or Devil’s Bridge nearby.
  • Try not to go during peak times or it can get crowded.
  • As mentioned, use Pano on your iphone from the bellybutton to take the picture.
  • Don’t be the jerk who sits on the edge for 30 minutes while people want a picture.


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