6 Best Bars In Sayulita

Looking for the best bars in Sayulita? You really can’t go wrong anywhere in town as there is a place to drink and eat on every street.

Really the best bar in Sayulita is probably the beach! Get your drink of choice from the store and enjoy sipping on your drink as the waves come in while you people & surf watch and enjoy the weather.

best bars Sayulita

There are even drink stands on the streets to aid in your window shopping and beach hopping.   

Of course if you decide to have some drinks on the beach or in public, be courteous to all around you and dispose of your recycling and trash properly as to keep Sayulita as clean and beautiful as it is!

best bars Sayulita

If you do want to enjoy someone cocktails, some music, a club or someone serving you on the beach then there are a few places you have to check out!

Bar Don Pato – Great For Late Nights

Bar Don Pato is a great nightclub in Sayulita if you want some loud music and a place to dance. 

It has multiple levels with different vibes on each, whether you want a pub feel, a DJ or the laid back rooftop.

Don Pato's best bars in Sayulita

Don Pato has a DJ, it is open-air, a foosball table, other games and cheap drinks! The club is a must top if you want to get after it and enjoy a late night out.

best bars Sayulita

Yambak – Brewery & Good Late Night Scene

Best bars sayulita

If you want a true bar/pub feel then definitely swing by Yambak. Yambak turns into a bit of a club later at night but most of the day and night it is just a great brewpub.

Best bars sayulita

Their beer is actually really good and they offer everything from their own light options to IPAs and more. At night you can even just listen to the music and party on the street. 

best bars Sayulita

They also allow you to bring in food from other places to enjoy there as well. They are actually right next to a couple of the best taco stands in town as well as the street hamburgers I am obsessed with.

Goat Beach Club Sayulita

Goat is a great spot right in the middle of the main beach area if you want to post up on some swing chairs or even lounge chairs they have all setup for you.

They have good drink specials and music playing all day as well as a full menu.

best bars Sayulita

This is a quintessential beach bar worth stopping by for a margarita or two on the beach.

Sayulita Public House 

This is a great all around bar and restaurant as well as one of the few places in town to catch a US sport on TV. As of writing, they have one of the few large TVs that plays the NBA/NFL in the town.

best bars Sayulita

On top of being a good spot to post up they have a full menu and serve great food!

Aria Lounge

Aria Lounge is another one of the few nightclubs in town that is open late with a DJ filling up the dance floor.

It is close to Don Pato so is a great spot to start and then as it gets later head over to Don Pato.

best bars Sayulita

There are a couple levels and it is open air making it another perfect spot for a drink in paradise.

Club de Playa Camaron

Apparently this is under renovation so do check it is open before you go.

Club de Playa Camaron is a really unique bohemian bar that is worth visiting if you go for a walk down the beach. It is close to the hippie market, campground and if this is your scene it is the place to be.

Sayulita best bars Club de Playa Camaron 3

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be in the bohemian realm, it is a great place for drinks and a great spot for the sunset!


A couple other bonus options that people love are Lucid & Chillum Surf House, so be sure to check those out too if you are doing a little bar crawl.

To be honest you can’t really go wrong just walking the streets and grabbing a seat at whatever place strikes your fancy.


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