Best Bars, Speakeasies, Rooftops & Lounges in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is one of my favorite places on earth for dining out as well as some of the best places I have been for a cocktail.

Renowned for its cobblestone streets, vibrant culture, and rich history, Antigua is not only a feast for the eyes but also perfect place to relax with a drink in hand.

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

As the sun sets behind the gorgeous volcanoes that frame the city, an incredible nightlife emerges with a plethora of bars, lounges, speakeasies, rooftops and more serving up some of the finest cocktails in Central America. 

Bars do close at 1am in Antigua but there are always after-hours locations to find… of which we will cover one below.

If you want to experience some incredible places to drink do not miss the first 3 on this list.

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

With that said, here are some of the best places to get a beer, cocktail, glass of wine or any drink in Antigua Guatemala.

1. Café No Sé – Best Speakeasy

My friend Mike from London, England called it the best bar he has ever been to… and it definitely is up there for me as well.

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

This dimly lit gem with multiple rooms, some hidden entrances in fridges, is one of the more unique and amazing bars you might ever come across.

It is no frills and feels like entering a bygone era, with its vintage decor and intimate ambiance. This place is a must visit for their homebrewed beer or their famous smuggled Mezcal.

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

2. El Barrio – Best Club

Multiple Bars in one, this is the place you want to come for a full-send night out.

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

Whether you are in the more party atmosphere main club, shot bar, sports bar, the rooftop bar or the quaint tiki lounge… it has something for everyone and is a must-stop for one of your big nights out on the town.

3. Ulew – Best Hidden Speakeasy & Cocktails 

Another incredible place you might never notice since it is hidden in a telephone booth!

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

That’s right, you walk through a telephone booth to an incredible speakeasy with arguably the best cocktails in town.

What makes their cocktails is the best is that they are made to order… they ask you ideal flavor profiles and then make you something from scratch tailored to your to make your ideal drink!

Ulew’s secret entrance is found inside Antigua Brewing Company, which we will discuss further in this list.

Insomnia – Best After Hours Bar In Antigua

If you want a true after-party then look for the secret after hours bar, Insomnia.

Since Antigua’s bars shut down at 1am there are often secret after-hours parties and this one is a great centrally located spot, for as long as it lasts!

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua 21

You can google it to find the location just south of Parque Central on 5a Avenida Sur. It is behind an unassuming closed door that you would not notice if it wasn’t for the line that forms late into the night.

Tabacos y Vinos La Antigua – Best Wine Bar

If you are a wine lover then there is the quaint little wine bar right under Arco Santa Catalina.

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

They typically have their wine specials where costs of your glasses of wine go down with every one you drink.

They have a vast array of wines & cigars and with it’s small size it is always full post dinner time.

4. Adra Hostel Rooftop – Great Rooftop & Multiple Level Bar

Don’t let the word “hostel” fool you as I went in for drinks with no idea it was a hostel. 

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

The decor is stunning with rooftops, couches and multiple rooms with DJs, live music and overall a great place to grab drinks.

The cost of drinks are great and they have a full menu from cheap beer to espresso martinis.

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

5. Hobbitenango Hobbit Bar 

If you like Lord Of The Rings then staying at a hobbit house here is an absolute must!

best places to eat and restaurants in Antigua guatemala

The hobbit houses are ridiculously affordable and The Shire with their bar and unique cocktails served in fun cups add a finishing touch to a perfect day in the land of hobbits.

Even if you don’t stay at Hobbitenango you can visit it via uber or tour guide to have a day in The Shire… but try to stay there 1-3 nights if you can.

best bar in Antigua Guatemala

6. Antigua Brewing Company

The mainstay brewery in Antigua is always populer for a pint and a burger.

best bar in Antigua Guatemala

Their beers are as great as the rooftop view and as mentioned you can even visit the secret speakeasy downstairs.

7. Reilly’s Antigua

Finding busy bars in Antigua can often be a struggle but Reilly’s is typically a crowd favorite and is busy most days when maybe some like El Barrio might only be busy on weekends.

best bar in Antigua Guatemala

Well it says it is an Irish Bar, it really just is an all-around solid bar with multiple rooms and often will have live music.

8. Las Vibras – Busiest Nightclub

If you really want to go all out than Las Vibras could easily be higher on this list being the main nightclub in town.

However, be ready to be packed liked sardines, sweating, long waits to get a drink and all else that typically comes with a packed nightclub.

With that said… if you want to get after it, this is the place.

Honorable Mentions

There are so many more unique stunning places for a cocktail like Sky Bar,  Aqua for a higher end great spot or Tropicana hostel for a true grimey cheap drink dive bar feel.

Every corner has something unique with Antigua flair and a bar crawl here is always a great time.


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