Best Easy Hike In Zion | Canyon Overlook Trail

Canyon Overlook Trail is arguably the best short hike in the USA. I have never seen a better hike that was this easy in my life and it is a must do hike in Zion National Park. Canyon Overlook is a highlight of the ultimate Zion Bucket List| 27 things you must do.

It truly is easy for all ages and gives one of the best views Zion and even all of the United States. I was blown away with how pretty of a view it was with also some beautiful sites along the way!

Secret Spots To See In Canyon Overlook

There are a couple of  unique secret spots to see at Canyon Overlook. You might never know these cool views and areas existed unless you adventured down to the right a little at the end of the trail.

Pictured above is the Sonic The Hedgehog cave and is such a cool unique view. I named it the Sonic The Hedgehog cave because well, it is shaped like Sonic The Hedgehog!

Best Hikes To Do In Zion Canyon Overlook 22

Then there is the sand box that really isn’t that amazing but unique to find sand on the top of a mountain. The sandbox at Canyon Overlook Trail is also next to a couple of other fun smaller things to see.

Canyon Overlook Trail Secrets

You can also find another little cave that offers a cool bordered picture like the one above. There is also a naturally carved out kinda heart shape on top of the Sonic The Hedgehog cave.

The STH cave is hard to get up into and you must be a little athletic. The others are a touch hard to find but if you explore a little you will them.

Canyon Overlook Trail Secrets

Be extremely careful and I would not venture any more to the right than the sandbox as the shale on the side is very loose and can come away easy. To the sandbox and caves is safe and simple enough but it gets sketchy beyond that.

Overall take your time on the hike since it is quite short and if you are smart and adventurous there really is a lot extra to see and get up close to vs. just sprinting each way to just see the canyon overlook.

If you hadn’t come from the East initially then be sure to drive out to the East ranger station and back as the drive is stunning. You will meander throughout the park and it truly is such a beautiful area.

You can even see Checkerboard Mesa, which is just a minute from the East Ranger Station. It isn’t extremely amazing but still unique and something to check off the Ultimate Zion Bucket List.

Checkerboard Mesa Zion Bucket List Must Do Things 2

Where to Stay In Zion?

A couple of favorites of mine includes the best place to stay in Zion! Zion Red Rock has four properties and while 3 are for larger groups, one of them is great for just two people. No joke a couple of their properties are the prettiest places I have ever seen. See here for a full breakdown of Zion Red Rock properties.

Best Place to Stay Zion Zion Red Rock Oasis

If nothing is available on the lower end for the Red Rock Zion cabins then I also really like The Bumbleberry Inn as a perfect affordable place to stay. It is right in the heart of town and has great views from every angle of the red rocks. 

There are also a ton of great restaurants in Zion, if you need help picking a few that stick out than see this article with three great restaurants including the best breakfast I have ever had in the world.

If you are in need of a private shuttle to the trailheads or if you want to do some incredible tours then you definitely have to use Zion Jeep Tours! They offer a ton of different tour options and are so easy to work with!

Zion Jeep Tours Must Do Zion

Canyon Overlook Trail Hike Guide - Best Easy Hike In Zion



Elevation Gain:

150 ft


1 Mile Round-Trip | Out & Back | 45-60 minutes

The trailhead is located right at the East end of the Mt. Carmel Tunnel and the main parking lot is directly across the street from it.

There is also a ranger hut right next to it as well.  Parking is a little tough as there are only a couple of parking spots nearby and both are quite small.

The overflow parking is really close as well just East of the trailhead. If that is full then you will just have to find a place to pullover on the side of the street.

Bucket List Things To Do in Zion Views Mt Carmel Highway

If you were wondering where exactly the hike is when you are driving from Zion to the trailhead, you can actually see it when you are driving on the switchbacks leading up to the tunnel pictured above.

Starting the hike is pretty simple going up the stairs and that is pretty much the most ascending you will do on the hike as it is really flat.

Best Hikes To Do In Zion Canyon Overlook 22

There are some incredible things to see the entire way, between deep ravines below along the entire trail and then even an overhanging kinda cave that is really pretty and a wooden bridge is a nice touch.

Best Hikes To Do In Zion Canyon Overlook 22

Once you are at the cave you are near halfway and there is actually another cool turnoff to get closer to the cutout rock that you can see a little in the picture above and is pictured below.

Best Hikes To Do In Zion Canyon Overlook 22

There will be a fork in the road as you get closer to that large rock cut-out and go left to get up close to it. It is only an extra 5 minute walk there, which is worth it since the entire hike is so short.

Best Hikes To Do In Zion Canyon Overlook 22

After checking that out get back on the trail and you are just around the corner from the Canyon Overlook. Take your time, take pictures, soak in the incredible view and have some fun.

As mentioned above go down to the right to explore and find some other really cool natural formations, caves and unique sites.


  • Easiest best hike I have ever done
  • Most Quintessential View in Zion
  • Arguably best view in zion
  • Some secret spots you have to see per article above!


  • It is short which means there will be tons of people there, however that is every hike in Zion.
  • Being short it isn’t the most exercise but it is definitely worth it and you can always do it at the end of the day after you’ve done another hike.


  • If your time in Zion is short then combine it with The Narrows or Angel’s Landing and do it after lunch or at the end of the day.
  • Sunrise is better than sundown due to where the sun is and the view facing west. Sundown isn’t all that amazing as it just sort of disappears behind the mountain. That could change with some clouds though to make it more picturesque.
  • Definitely go check out the secret spots pictured above.
    Take your time on the hike and take the little fork in the road to the left to get closer to the large natural cut-out in the rock.


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