Best Sedona Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you aren’t looking to just party then Sedona is the perfect escape for a bachelorette party.

It has wineries, hiking, great food, the outdoors and you can namaste your heart out. If you want a bachelorette party to escape, relax and unplug, Sedona is the place for you!

Sedona is arguably one of the prettiest and best outdoorsy places in the USA. It checks most boxes for reasons to travel and is truly stunning the second you round the corner to view those red rocks.

There are patios galore, amazing weather, beautiful scenery and activities for days. Here are some things you can’t miss, The Sedona Bucket List: 13 Things You Must Do, Click Here

Sedona Bachelorette Party Ideas

There are patios galore, amazing weather, beautiful scenery and activities for days. If you are looking for a bachelorette party more on the relaxing side, with spas, pools, wine, the outdoors and food then Sedona is definitely the spot for you.

Of course you need to have good places to eat so definitely visit some of these best 8 places to eat in Sedona!

Best Winery Hopping In Sedona

Sedona Bachelorette Party Ideas

What says bachelorette party more than wineries? Like many people you may not know Sedona had some nice wineries and I highly recommend checking them out.

While these aren’t grandiose wineries they are still quaint little spots that can make for a fun 2-8 hours depending how serious you are in your drinking.

Best Wineries In Sedona Alcantra Vineyard & Winery 2

You can hire a driver or a tour guide to take you winery hopping all day and have the best time. While it isn’t Napa it is still a great spot to enjoy wine and soak in the fresh air and beautiful scenery of northern Arizona.

Sedona Bachelorette Party Ideas

I love Page Springs Cellars, which is also right next to Javelina Wine Leap Vineyard Winery Bistro and Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery. Another favorite is DA Ranch, it is a beautiful setup and grounds!

DA Ranch and Page Springs are by far the prettiest. Page Springs is needs to be seen in the day and ideally as the sun goes down so you can experience day and night. With that said, it is the only one open later and has live music most nights… so it’s a tough call on timing.

I like to hike in the morning and go winery hopping in the afternoon checking out Javelina Leap and Oak Creek early then making it to Page Springs around 5pm. There are other wineries but those three are all close to each other and Page Springs is my favorite.

Spa Day

Aside from wine, a spa day has to be #2 on the bachelorette to do list right? Sedona has tons of spa resorts, which you can make homebase for where you are staying or just stop in for a few hours of relaxation.

Enchantment Resort it by far and away the best spa resort. Other great options include Kimpton Amara, L’auberge de Sedona Resort and Spa, Poco Diablo Resort, Hilton Sedona Resort At Bell Rock and Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa.


Even if everyone in your group doesn’t live hiking there are smaller walks you can do with incredible payoffs in terms of views and scenery. Sedona is a hiking mecca!

Whether you want something challenging, a water-hole, something relaxed with amazing views or the perfect picture for the gram… Sedona has it all! Click here for top Sedona hikes.

Best Hikes In Sedona Bear Mountain Trail 24

Definitely get up there and I suggest in the Summer when there are less tourists. If you are from Phoenix or Southern Arizona then it definitely is a great place to escape a little bit of the crazy heat.

Adventure & Site-see

There are more adventures to do than just hike in Sedona, especially if you have a 4×4 vehicle. There is ATVing, helicopter rides, horseback riding, hot-air balloon rides and tour guides galore.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Chapel of the Holy Cross. I enjoy experiencing all religions or cultures when I travel and this is a place not to miss. The Chapel is built into the rock buttes of Sedona and is beautiful from the outside.

However, it is open to the public and please go in to check out the view of Sedona though the giant stainless windows. Donate to the Church and light a candle as well… surely that will cleanse you of your sins or at least make you feel better about yourself for a few minutes. It is also one of the Seven Man-Made Wonders of Arizona.

4x4ing or ATVing is amazing in Sedona. The ATV places will give you a map of areas to checkout but be sure to go up Schnebly Hill Road having maybe the best view of Sedona. There is also some forest areas up behind it to see how fast you can go… if that’s what you’re into.

If you are going to Devil’s Bridge definitely ATV or 4×4 there as the 45 min walk each way down the vehicle path is a waste of time to get there. I highly recommend going to Groupon or scouring discount websites to see some available options to save as much as 50% off.

As mentioned there is also horseback riding, a Hot Air Balloon rides and even Helicopter Tours aren’t as pricey as you’d think. If you take a helicopter ride, the 15 minute tour is cheaper and really you get a perfect experience even in that short amount of time.

You can also do the Pink Jeep tours for something to do but I don’t have the patience for tours and rather do it all on my own :).

Where is The best Place To Eat & Drink With A View In Sedona?

Best Restaurants Sedona

There are some great places to grab a meal in Sedona offering amazing views, cozying up around a fire or just enjoying the fresh air outside with a drink in your hand. Definitely take advantage of the scenery and patios when you are there as the weather is normally always beautiful in Sedona.

I have mentioned before that you have to go to Enchantment Resort for dinner/drinks during sunset. Another must do is L’auberge Brunch, while stupid expensive, it makes you feel like how Aladdin must have felt at his first meal inside Jasmine’s palace… imagine the scene in Hook when Peter finally imagines all the food in front of him… that’s how I felt.

Unplug In Sedona

I don’t really know how to relax but it looks like lots of people there are doing it nicely in Sedona. You can move at a slow pace through the shops and checkout all of the quirks, get your fortune told, lay by the pool or sip some wine on your hotel’s patio.

Best Hikes In Sedona Bear Mountain Trail 17

Either way there is a ton of relaxing things you can do if adventures or dabbling in alcoholism isn’t your forte. The shop areas are so cute and quaint, especially when lit up at night and there are a ton of patios to grab a cup of coffee with a view or people watch.

I haven’t mentioned the Vortex’s yet but they are worth checking out. Sedona has four main vortexes, located at Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon.

They are supposed to be intersections of electromagnetic earth energy and said to help with reflection, meditation, energizing, vision and higher clarity.

You may feel you are in a vortex when you feel some subtle energy vibrations such as tingling in your body or hands, heating up or feeling a rush of energy or a shift in consciousness or perception. There are a plethora of sites to google to read up more on these vortexes.

Take Pictures

We are in an instagram world and this place will be sure to provide you with plenty of “liked” IG pictures for some time to come. Be nice to your fellow hikers and offer to take their pictures and they will probably take yours.

Please DO NOT be those people who stand on Devil’s Bridge forever or the point at Cathedral Rock while others are patiently waiting to take a picture. I really just created #6 so I could vent my frustration about these people that I would like to kick in the shin or throat.

Where Is Best To Stay In Sedona

  1. Enchantment Resort is absolutely stunning. The accommodations, the restaurant and the views! You will have to pay for it though as it is very pricey but for the cost I would pick it over L’auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa
  2. L’Auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa is perfection and it comes with a cost. I would recommend spending 50% or less on your lodging staying elsewhere to spend more money on food, ATVs or other entertainment if you are on a budget. However, you must go to Sunday Brunch. While it is the most expensive brunch I have ever seen, it is definitely worth the experience.
  3. Kimpton Amara is the best higher end resort without costing a fortune. It’s also dog friendly with a great patio.
  4. The 4 options above separate themselves from other others but come with a cost, however if you want a good place to stay without paying a fortune checkout any of Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, Poco Diablo Resort, A Sunset Chateau or the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. Hotels seem to drop off after that in terms of quality.
  5. AirBnB. You can find some cheap gems and might be the most efficient bang for buck in Sedona. With that said, AirBnB fees have been sky rocketing lately so if someone with AirBnb is reading this I want you to know I’m unhappy and partially revolting… unless it’s too good a deal of course ;).



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