The Best Tip To Be The Best In Sales

Selling is one of the hardest jobs on earth. It’s not for the wallflower as they never made a movie about the quiet salesman in the corner… You need guts, charisma, courage and the confidence to walk into any situation and own the room. If you are just starting out in sales then this is the article for you that could change how you view sales and marketing yourself in general.

There is one approach to being a great salesperson that will change how you sell forever. The method is a pretty simple way to look at it and could change your world. However, remember the ability to sell is a trained gift in its own right, just like this ideology. As with anything this belief takes practice, work and learning from failure to perfect your selling.

I have been told I could sell ice to an Eskimo 1,000x in my life, I have sold million dollars deals, I have broken every single sales record in my path and blown away my competitors in all facets with this approach. With a sales background of 20+ years (25 years if you include me haggling down stereo salesmen) this article strives to give you everything you need to learn from an MBA in 5 minutes. There is obviously more than one way to skin a cat but I have found teaching this ideology to go above all others! What is this attitude, ideology and mindset to make you the best salesperson you can be?

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Well how do you be the best salesman? It’s simple… treat sales like… dating… That’s it! If you can perfect making yourself attractive to the opposite sex and sell yourself to your dream person then you can sell your business to a stranger. While it is just one ideology there are many variables within dating or selling that must be addressed to perfect your skill. You don’t have to be the most attractive mate, you don’t have to be rich… you just need to use any leverage of yourself you have to present the most attractive option for a customer that you can be. Use every tool in your handbook. Paint isn’t sexy… but there are really good paint salesmen.

Here are the best tips and examples to help you succeed in sales vis using this ideology

Don’t Bring Up Sex On The First Date

Would you bring up sex when you first meet your dream marriage type person… typically…?

Well then why would you bring up money and striking a deal with the potential account. You’re not going to take the million dollar account home in a day and know that your potential “strategic partner” wants to be romanced, gain trust in you, learn more about you and be comfortable with someone they are going to go to bed with.

Make Your Goal The Wife Or Husband, Not The Booty Call

Dating & sales starts off with goal setting.

A cheap and easy one night stand may sound good at the time but that’s just peanuts. You want that long-lasting relationship paying dividends and making you money for your lifetime. Stop wasting your time with small accounts that take up way too much bandwidth and focus in on that marriage material, which you are proud to show your parents and puts your business at the top.

Don’t Just Take Satisfaction For You Only… You Need To “Return The Favor”

This is maybe the most important advice of all. Hit yourself over the head with this mantra, “what can I do for them?” You need to contribute to them first and sell second.

Sure it sounds great to just be satisfied and take money from your new account. However, you aren’t going to land them and definitely not keep them if you aren’t returning the favor. A new dream catch wants to know how you can add to their life, make them happy, grow their business and reach their goals just like what you are searching for. If you are just going into it with the idea to have them as arm-candy to make you look good but not help achieve their dreams then you won’t get anywhere.

Network To Build Trust & Credibility

It’s a small world and if you’re out there making-out with every person you see than the real prize is going to avoid you.

A 10/10 account has high standards and isn’t approachable via a DM or a “hi, can I get you a drink” but they are going to want to be setup with you by someone they know and trust so you are vetted before you even get an introduction. Landing the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t an overnight thing but something that may take a lot of time building your network and credibility.

“If everyone else can have it, I don’t want it.” – Everyone

Making sure your name is out there, meeting a lot of people, creating trust, impressing strangers and new partners is key. This will create a positivity around you where soon enough you can get introductions to the big catch. Often you need to meet and impress the friends or entry level associates to meet the person you are aiming for.

Play Somewhat Hard To Get & Create Urgency

Everyone wants something they can’t have, it’s human nature.

If you are talking to some stunningly attractive single blonde you can bet the single beautiful brunette near you is paying attention. Clearly you have a product someone wants and it’s so good it is drawing in the most attractive of customers. Like the scene from Wolf Of Wall Street, where Jordan Belfort is selling a nothing penny stock, he makes it sound like it is the most valuable thing on earth and it won’t last long. If everyone wants something it creates urgency and attractiveness.

If I had a great product and was talking to the head of Nike but let them know Adidas was considering it… well you got yourself a bidding war. No one wants some cheap free product you are just begging to give away… even if you are, or pretend you are just like Belfort.

With that said, don’t ruin a deal by lying about the competition for your product. This lesson below is a top 3 thing I have ever read or heard about selling, which I use to for all facets of life. The lesson comes from one of the best sports agents to ever live, Drew Rosenhaus. He has a book called A Shark Never Sleeps and the most important part was his anecdote about failure. To make a long story short; Drew had mostly secured top tier Player X and that night went to another top Player Y saying “Player X is with me, you should be too.” Player Y called Plaxer X and X said “no I never said I would sign 100%…” then Rosenhaus lost them both and more. You definitely want to create urgency, have the people fight for you but do so with caution.

Keep Your Standards High Or You’ll Lose The Account You Want

If I am the head of Uber and you were pitching me a million dollar deal but one weekend went out and took an easy $50,000 deal from Lyft then you are dead to me, not to mention word spreads fast in this industry.

Sure a dating app or a night out at a bar can result in a quick sale but more often than not you end up with nothing or at very best a non-starter that may damage you for the big catch you wanted. It sounds fun at the time but it’s nearsighted and if you want that big reward then patience and honor are what you need. In the end you just made a few bucks but it’s over when your dream person finds out you went for the easy pickings when they are much more valuable than that.

If You Make Getting Money By Any Means Your Priority, You’ll End Up In Jail Or Divorced

Sure being Gordon Gecko or Jordan Belfort sounds glamorous but when money is your only object you end up in jail or divorced with plenty of people who despise you.

Yes it ended up working out decently okay for Belfort financially but he lost his house, wife and kids because all that mattered was the money. In the end you need to be about more than your bank account. You need to display true character and ideas on helping more than just your pocket book.

With That Said, Make Your Mate Look Good

Your dream person has goals too and you need to think about how as part of their lives you can aid in promoting their heart to the world.

Come to the table with ideas on ways you can give your time and effort to the community. Dive into some win/win cause marketing ideas showing you have more in mind for them then just financial gain but you want to grow each others hearts and souls as well.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Like Jeremy from Wedding Crashers said “don’t sit in the corner and sulk. It draws attention in a negative way. Draw attention to yourself, but on your own terms.”

Essentially no one wants to go on a date or give money to the negative person or the dark cloud in the room. Make sure you are the life of the party, holding doors, delivering drinks, making people laugh and being the epicenter for all things positive. That bright light surrounding you will gain the attention of that person you are looking to meet, even if you don’t think they are watching… they are.

Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of The Next Date

Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where George realized he needs to make his one big joke, win the crowd and leave? Do that… kind of.

Make the impression, enjoy some convo, exchange info, and leave on a high. If you are “in” and you made the best impression, know you aren’t going to go home together that night. You may want to leave before you start to run out of things to say and it gets quiet or awkward. Make that great impression and leave them wanting more the next time you meet.

You don’t want keep drinking or look dumb two hours later trying to over-impress or do too much. Aim for hitting a double to drive in a run, then gain that confidence for your next at bat to hit a homerun.  Know you don’t need a grand-slam right off the bat to win the game, then tip your cap and leave.

Use Your “Assets” But Within Reason

You don’t want to marry the woman with 75% of her chest out or the guy who spends more time on his spray-tan and talks about himself more than learning about you.

You want to come off as attractive and interesting but not as something easy that is available to the highest bidder. Attraction is human nature but as corny as it sounds, your personality is your best asset. A pretty face only goes so far but a great personality and kind host can really take you places. Confidence should be your best asset and having a great product should be what gives you that.

Concentrate On The Love Of Your Life, Not Every Cute Thing That Walks By

If you want your dream person then you need to make sure they are the first thought when you wake up and the last thought when you go to bed. Chasing some side accounts will take your mind off the goal when you need to be completely focussed with all of your effort and bandwidth to impress that one who matters.

Make It Easy For A Customer To Give You Their Money

This another top 3 selling anecdote I have ever heard and it is something I overheard in an elevator.

Make sure your customer or date knows all the ways to simply stay in contact, have a next transaction and ease of working with you. Be easy-going but also assertive in you want to work together so here is how simple it is. No one wants to play games or jump through hoops, make it easy to work together and streamline how to access you product.

There you have it… I just gave you an MBA in 5 minutes. Sales and marketing comes down to very simple things; networking, confidence, hard work and personality… you don’t need to go to Harvard to be the best person on Wall Street, just listen to the advice above and you’re already a step ahead.

Did you like this list? Do you want to add something to it for version 2.0? Let me know in the comments :).


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  1. Awesome article! Funny but to the point just like a good sales demo! I’ll be sharing with my sales team

  2. I’ve been in sales for almost 20 yrs. lately things have been a little stale. Lots of great little refreshing poignant thoughts here. Thanks for the great read.

  3. I absolutely love how you take dating to a next level to interpret how to be a better salesman! By relating “dating” (an important aspect in everyone’s lives) and use it hand in hand to describe sales it makes it more relatable and enjoyable to read! Awesome read!

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