Cathedral Rock Trail Hike Guide | Sedona Hiking

Cathedral Rock Trail is one of the best 6 hikes in Sedona. It is a great hike as it is a nice middle of nothing overly strenuous like Bear Mountain Trail but also not something really easy like walking around West Fork Trail.

Sedona is an amazing place for hiking and Cathedral Rock can’t be missed. It has one of the more iconic pictures in Sedona with such a cool view at the end.

Cathedral Rock Trail Hike Guide Sedona

People flock to this Sedona hike for the final view and amazing picture you get when you get to the top. If you want more to do then definitely check-out our Sedona Bucket List | 14 Things You Must Do.

Cathedral Rock Trail Sedona Best Hike Guide

Cathedral Rock draws a huge crowd as it is one of the more perfect moderate length hikes and it is pretty central near town. If it is peak season you may way to avoid this hike unless you go in the morning before the crowds. If you want other hikes to do see our Best 6 Hikes In Sedona List.

Parking can be very difficult during the peak season so be aware. With that said most of the main moderate hikes are typically packed during peak season thus definitely try to get there early during the busy tourist season.

Cathedral Rock Trail Hike Guide



Elevation Gain:

750 feet


2.4 Miles | 1-2 Hours | Out & Back

The hike itself is very easy to follow. You park at the parking lot and go up. It is very well marked along the way and there will be a lot of people doing it so you can use them as a guide as well.

There is a hike that goes off to the left off the main trail, which is a fun adventure on its own if you have time.

Cathedral Rock Trail Hike Guide Sedona

When you get to the top, you can actually go left and see a different view up in a cool little canyon. Definitely go check it out after or before you get your main Cathedral Rock picture.


  • Dog Friendly (On a leash).
  • Top 5 best pictures in Sedona when you reach the end.
  • Not too hard of a hike.
  • Good for kids
  • You can go a little further to the left for a less seen hidden area for more views.


  • The 2.4 mile hike isn’t that long, decent workout though and the view/picture are terrific.
  • Parking is scarce and can get very busy so avoid weekends during peak season.


  • Come early if you are there during peak travel times as the parking lot fills up quick.
  • Don’t be the jerk who stands in the money-shot spot for 10 minutes as people line up to take the picture… it’s happened twice now.
  • Tell someone you will take their picture and then have them take yours.

Cathedral Rock Trail Hike Guide Sedona 6 Best Hikes in Sedona


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