How to volunteer abroad and why you should!

If you want to know how to volunteer abroad or are looking for volunteer abroad programs, look no further!

Volunteering abroad with IVHQ & Maximo Nivel is truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. This volunteer abroad trip was unreal and is the place to go if you want to volunteer abroad for cheap!

How to volunteer abroad for free

You can also volunteer abroad for free if you end up taking a position with one of the companies as they are always hiring!

You can volunteer to nurse abroad, volunteer with animals, volunteer with childcare, teach abroad, sports, environmentalism and so much more!

How to volunteer abroad for free

As someone who has travelled to 30+ countries and had a lot of great adventures, trust me, this rivals almost anything I have done in terms of enjoyment, culture and just overall happiness.

If you asked me if I wanted to sit on the nicest beach in the best resort or do this volunteer trip I did in Cusco I would tell you I would take the Cusco trip 10x over!

How to volunteer abroad for free

IVHQ has opportunities all over the world so you can travel wherever! You can volunteer from one week to indefinitely! 

This is also a great way to travel if you are on a budget. You will pay an upfront application fee and then $200-350 a week for your lodging and two meals per day.

Furthermore, if you ever wanted to travel alone and were maybe afraid to, this is the perfect way to stay safe as well as be with and meet other people instantly.

How to volunteer abroad for free

I would never let my sister travel to many countries alone but going and working with IVHQ & Maximo Novel it is a no brainer.

You stay with a host family and/or with other volunteers making you feel extremely safe and comfortable.

How to volunteer abroad cheap

My host mom Teresa and the family Fernando and Loala were so nice and hospitable!

Teresa made an amazing dinner every night and for someone who doesn’t see his family often, sitting at a family dinner with them and my volunteer friends Renata and Jimena was honestly so heartwarming.

How to volunteer abroad for free

It is the best way to start your trip as well if planning to stay in the country or area longer. I volunteered for a week and then travelled for 10 days after.

You will come away with some many local ideas, things to do and ideas for your next week making it even more amazing. You may even find a travel buddy along the way to do some adventures with.

How to volunteer abroad cheap

My new friend Allen came with me to lunch, for drinks and I even randomly bumped into him on the train to Machu Picchu!

Accommodations vary but you can often pay more to have your own room if you are a light sleeper like me.

It truly was a wonderful experience and and out of the 100+ places I have travelled to this ended up probably being my favorite trip ever!

How to volunteer abroad for free


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