Quick & Tasty Asparagus Recipe

Asparagus is a great go-to for a side and I love it for steak, salmon or chicken and it can be used for a ton of other dishes.

You can bake asparagus and it is great, which I have info on below. However, if you want to do it quick I suggest boiling it, which is truly just as good or better as roasted.

Asparagus, carrots and broccoli in a bowl that could be chosen as good additions for a Quick & Tasty Asparagus Recipe.

If you are baking your protein then you can bake the asparagus right in with your chicken or salmon at 375 degrees for 15-25 minutes and it will come out amazing. Drip it with a little oil and sprinkle some salt and it will come out tender and perfect along with your meat.

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Asparagus goes great with everything and it has a ton of great health benefits. It is good for weight loss, full of antioxidants, good source of vitamins & nutrients while being low in calories, it’s an aphrodisiac, helps hangovers, mood boosting, helps bloating, improves digestive health, supports healthy pregnancy, helps lower blood pressure and helps the urinary tract.

Displays steak, sweet potatoes and asparagus in a skillet with uncooked shrimp in a glass bowl beside it. This is a dish you would use the Quick & Tasty Asparagus Recipe

It isn’t hard to make asparagus but there is one major thing you need to know about boiling asparagus so that you don’t ruin it, of which I will cover at the end :).

Quick & Tasty Asparagus Recipe

You can bake asparagus and it is great, which I have info on below. However, if you want to do it quick I suggest boiling it, which is truly just as good or better as roasted.
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Course: Dinner, Lunch, Main Course, side dishes
Cuisine: American
Keyword: asparagus, healthy food, vegetable side dishes
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 9 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 3


  • 1/2 bunch asparagus (thicker the better)
  • 2 cloves garlic 1 tbsp pre-minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese


  • Cut the bottom normally whiteish section 1-2 inches off the bottom of the asparagus.
  • Use a pot that fits the length of your asparagus (cut if you have to but it ruins the presentation) and fill it 1/2 full then bring to a boil. You can add in a tablespoon of salt of you’d like.
  • Add in your asparagus and boil for 5-7 minutes or until you can put your fork through it and you feel it firm but tender as you don’t want to overcook it.
  • When ready drain instantly so it does not get overcooked and soft! Some people even suggest rinsing it with cold water quickly.
  • In the same pot or a new bowl toss the asparagus in your butter, garlic and salt and it is ready to serve.
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Fraser the ISE blog creator standing in his kitchen, showing off 3 different dishes that have asparagus in them to display how versatile his amazing asparagus recipe is.

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