Riverside Walk Hiking Trail Zion National Park

Riverside Walk Trail is a perfect easy hike in Zion and it has the payoff of uncovering some little swimming holes along the way. If you are looking for something simple to do due to having young kids, injury, age or just want to stroll on a walk, this is a beautiful place to do it!

It is flat the entire way and paved so it is a great stroll for people with strollers or those who aren’t the biggest of hikers. It is also the gateway to The Narrows. These are both part of the Ultimate Zion Bucket List | 27 things you have to do in Zion!

Best Hikes in Zion Riverwalk Trail The Narrows 3

If you had some of your family who wanted to check out The Narrows deeper and others who wanted to stay back, the swimming holes and relaxing spots near the end of Riverside Walk are great spots for people to wait.

The walk is short at just 2 miles round-trip and you can do it in less than 2 hours pending how much time you want to spend in the swimming holes or relaxing at the end. You can always go and take a quick peek at The Narrows, even if you just walk for 10-20 minutes into the Narrows it is definitely worth it!

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Riverside Walk Guide In Zion



Elevation Gain:


2-Miles round-trip | Out & Back | 1-2 hours

Riverside Walk begins at the last shuttle stop in Zion. It is Shuttle Stop 9, which is Temple of The Sinawava.

From there it is a very leisurely stroll on a paved road for one mile, which is two miles round-trip. There are a few great little vantage points throughout including the swamp!

Best Hikes in Zion Riverwalk Trail The Narrows 3

At the end there is a great payoff of some swimming holes scattered throughout. Explore a little, find your spot and relax in the water or have a picnic.

Best Hikes in Zion Riverwalk Trail The Narrows 3

Of course for those wanting a larger adventure, the end of Riverside Walk is where you start The amazing Narrows hike. If you are able to, definitely go do some of it as it is amazing.

Best Hikes in Zion Riverwalk Trail The Narrows 3

You don’t need a pole so not to worry and go as far as you would like, it will be worth it! Push yourself and there will be an incredible reward.


  • Very simple & paved
  • Swimming holes at the end
  • Gateway to The Narrows


  • It is very busy since it is how you get to The Narrows
  • Isn’t much exercise but a nice walk for people who just want that


  • Keep pushing and hike The Narrows!
  • Take a dip in the swimming holes


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