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Official ITE Charity the Change Your Stars Foundation is doing a fundraiser for lower-income kids in Phoenix & Mexico.  As we can’t do a larger event as a fundraiser this is a social distancing way to fundraise & give. IG: @changeyourstarsfoundation

Your pledges are tax deductible & if you haven’t donated to charity yet, it’s around $300-500 of donations you will actually get back come tax season if you donate. Thus, you truly won’t even be losing money!

What Is This Charity Pledge Drive?

Myself (Fraser Laveay) and anyone who wants to join, will be doing a pledge drive where we will run from 8am-10pm on Oct. 24th (my birthday) in an effort to raise money for lower-income kids over the holidays. 

You can either pledge for my miles, or do your own run and raise funds for your own running over the same time! 

Fraser’s Last Pledge Drive – Live Bull Riding

How The Pledge Drive Works

You will pledge a dollar amount of your choice per mile I run. At the end of the day you will owe your pledge amount x miles run. Ex: $10 per mile, 10 miles = $100 you would donate. I will run at least 15-20+ miles.

How to Pledge

Write your pledge amount in the comments below along with email or contact info. You can also email, text, IG message or contact me with your pledge amount. Just pledge & donate!

How To Join And Get Pledges For Your Own Run?

Message me however you would like and I will add you to the Google Sheet where I will keep track of all of your people who are pledging for your run!

The entire day we can share your run across social media on all of our different social mediums!

Fraser’s Route | People across the world who want to join can do their own route!

If you wish to join me in Phoenix throughout the day here is the approximate route, which will be updated as we go. You can come for all or just pop in and meetup throughout the day for lunch or to run!

9:00am | Run from Fraser’s House to Birthday Breakfast in Tempe  at TBD location

10:30am | Birthday Breakfast in Tempe at TBD location – Everyone Welcome

11:30am | Run to my soccer game in Tempe – try to play (miles count during game)

2:00pm | Lunch at TBD Tempe restaurant – Everyone welcome

3:30pm | Run somewhere for an ice bath & maybe Physical Therapy

4:30pm | Start running back north

7pm | Stop for dinner in Scottsdale at TBD location

8:00pm | Home stretch to Dilly Dally

10:00pm | Birthday Party at Dilly Dally


We are always looking for sponsors to donate to the cause as well as be the place we stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks & physical therapy along the way!


All money raised will go towards helping lower-income kids over the holiday season & families extremely hurt by COVID. 10% of all raised will also be going towards a college fund for my “little brother” whose family could use the help.

See more about the Change Your Stars Foundation here!

Or follow on Instagram and Facebook @changyourstarsfoundation


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