Should You Fly Norwegian Air? With tips & hacks

Here is my flying Norwegian Air review and advice on if you should fly Norwegian Air or not. If you are like me, or anyone, you have seen Norwegian Air flights for $200 from LAX DIRECT to Europe and thought… nope, not getting me this time scammers. Surely for $200 you can’t even fly to Kansas City let alone Barcelona or Rome. So being a cynic and knowing one of the best life adages, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” I wasn’t trusting flying Norwegian as it sounds awful. *Side note, I have misspelled Norwegian 7x now and keep getting autocorrected (try it, not cheating)… fuck I just misspelled “misspelled” too… glad to see my Journalism degree and Master’s is helping out.

Anyways, on top of the leery cynicism the world hast bestowed on us, you also read the odd poor online review and sometimes horrifying review about Norwegian. A couple notes on that 1. Every fucking airline has horror stories and I have hated pretty much every one of them at some point or another. 2. I am high maintenance on some things and really low on others… which puts me in the middle I would say, so when I tell you that Norwegian isn’t bad… believe it… it is just fine.

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With that said… should you fly Norwegian and what are some flying Norwegian Air tips? The short answer if you should fly Norwegian Airlines or not is… YES. I must say I was completely shocked. I was expecting no TVs, no legroom, no chargers, no pilots and really nothing for $200… I can’t even get a round of drinks at the W for $200. Yet… here were are. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable flying Norwegian was and I will do it every time I fly to Europe if the price stays right! I am adding Norwegian to my Budget Travel tips and will be their biggest spokesperson! I am also adding this to my 6 Reasons Why to Collect Experiences & Passport Stamps Not Things article as you can now fly to Europe for peanuts… and $200! Now, there are some caveats to making your Norwegian flight is comfortable so be advised and read below to make sure you are prepared.

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To make sure you aren’t spending on extra necessities on board here are some tips for flying Norwegian Airlines.

  • Personally, I need a window seat when flying if I want to fall asleep. It will cost you an extra $20-40 to purchase a window seat. To me that is beyond worth it so I can sleep. If you are one of those assholes who can sleep anywhere and easily then no need to pay and I secretly hate/am jealous of you… guess it’s not a secret now.
  • You don’t get free headphones. Hopefully you still have the old school aux chord headphones somewhere at home so you can bring those with you and not get charged to buy headphones if you want to watch their TV. Even if you forget to bring them they are only like $5, which isn’t awful.
  • They do have USB chargers for your phone! I was not expecting this at all… I brought a couple portable chargers and was all prepared with all the power I could need. However, they have an aux plug and that was a great surprise BECAUSE…..  
  • They have WIFI! No joke, my first flight I did not even bother checking if they had wifi at all because I figured there was zero chance this budget airlines had wifi. On my flight home I thought… hey, why don’t I check for funsies… and sure enough, wifi! You can pay $5 euros to get minimal service for 3 hours. The minimal service isn’t great for surfing the web at all but it allows you to iMessage, get on social media and apps. You can pay $12 for higher speed as well, which will have you able to do more web surfing and access things that need a better connection. There is also free wifi but is damn near useless… give it a try first of course!
  • Should you buy meals on Norwegian Air? I bought a package that included 2 meals, one at the start and one near the end as well as my seat choice. To be honest I ate before getting on the flight and didn’t need the meals at all. Buying the meals and seat package is $50-90, of which I would save and not spend again. Eat before you go on and bring a sandwich and snacks for if you feel hungry down the line. Their meals are a little small and of course it is plane food, no one has good plane food.
  • A great suggestion from my friend Anthony Stone is to download Netflix shows to watch on the flight. In Netflix there is a section where you can download certain movies and series that will save on your phone! What a time to be alive.
  • Legroom. I won’t lie, economy has small leg room similar to a domestic flight. It isn’t that bad as it is maybe a bit more room than a Southwest flight but still not luxurious. If you are tall or want extra room then you can upgrade seats for $10-20 with more legroom.
  • Bring a blanket and/or sweater as well as a pillow as they charge for those if you want them. Not too bad as I travel with a hoodie and pillow everywhere I go and you should too you animal.   
  • Alcohol, water bottles and drinks have a cost so be sure to prepare accordingly. Bring your own big water bottle on board you should be good… you will sleep on most of the plane ride so you will be fine not drinking beer or having orange juice for 10-12 hours. With that said… I have possibly the best liquor drinking hack of all time on this article: BEST BUDGET IDEAS TO TRAVEL CHEAP.
  • Water: you have to buy bottles, however airlines are required to give you water if you ask. I was in the back, extremely parched and hungover (but that’s not the point of this story is it conclusion jumpers) and they gave me a couple of cups of water to help me along the way.
  • As mentioned they do have movies and entertainment. It is a decent standard movie and entertainment selection as well so remember those aux headphones.
  • Friendly reminder: if you are flying to Europe remember to pack an outlet converter! However, some hotels will give to you free of charge.

Hope you liked this article and as you can tell I definitely recommend using Norwegian Air. As long as you aren’t going into it expecting a first class experience and if you come prepared you won’t have an issue flying Norwegian. A little bit of less comfort can save you 50% or more of a standard fare and it will have you on your way to checking bucket-lists and easily hitting some of your travel and life goals!


Please let me know your thoughts and anything you’d like me to add in the comments!

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