The Best One Thing To Do In Rome

Sounds crazy right… only one must-do thing in Rome that is full of literally a million things to see.

The best part about this idea is that every person I have talked to that has been to Rome agrees. Another bold statement for you, Rome is a top 3 city to visit in the World.

My list in no particular order includes Siem Reap in Cambodia, Rio De Janeiro and Rome. Rome set itself apart from any other city I have seen for the one thing this article is about.

You can’t just call the city romantic or beautiful or perfect because it’s so much more than that… it needs its own word. A word that encompasses the movie Titanic, Catherine Zeta Jones, the most expensive bottle of champagne, cupids feeding you said champagne while you fight a Gladiator for true love, while hand feeding 42 puppies treats at the same time but also watching GOT Season 8 Episode 5…. all while doing it in God’s name under the watchful eyes and blessings of the Pope. 

Right now as I was reading my notes to write up this article… no joke, literally so much excitement and warmth went up my spine while happiness took over my entire body.

Sometimes I walk into a city and I have a grin from ear to ear that can’t be removed.

This city makes the hair on your arms stand up and a feeling of euphoria that only certain special places, moments or things can give you.

The only way to describe it is that you feel as if you’re in a book…. Not just a history book either, add in a romance novel, mystery book or choose your own adventure.

I honestly said out loud to myself, “what a magical place,” countless numbers of times. All you can do as you walk around Rome is continue to say “how.”

The architecture, statues and details of every step and block are unparalleled. You’d think every single structure or piece of art took millions of years to construct.

All of that said… I still haven’t told you the one thing you have to do in Rome so let’s get to that. The absolute one thing you absolutely have to do in Rome that maybe no other travel articles tell you about… One thing, doesn’t make sense right?

How is there one must do thing in Rome that trumps everything else? Surely with all of the majestic tourist attractions there isn’t one thing you have to do that stands out above the rest?

Is it to see the Pope, is it the Colosseum, the Pantheon? I can tell you that you really should see those but that’s the not what this is….

You don’t need read some blogs or articles to know to visit the standard sites throughout Rome. If you need a website to tell you to visit the Colosseum and Vatican City then you must live under a rock.

This blog was created to try to open your mind and give you ideas that maybe a standard site doesn’t share… I never want this to be a site where you just read a list of things everyone knows…

The goal is to inspire you and open up new ideas, thought processes and the world that you might never see rushing around from place to place.

In this instance, everyone in Rome is on a schedule, rushing to each museum and trying to see every single thing… thus this is why my one mindset comes in handy.

So what is this one thing, mindset, the one tip that you absolutely have to do when in Rome. What is the best tip for Rome?

If you already know this you will hate I wasted your time… if you didn’t have this idea you will be so happy I gave you this advice.

The answer to the one thing you must do in Rome… is to get lost.

Throw your rushed itinerary away and go for long walks every day and night. Of course make sure you check off the main points that every website tells you about but don’t make your visit about places to see at set times, make it about falling in love with every step you take and every new corner you turn.

There are hundreds of museums you will see but after you see the main sites all others will be marginalized making it so important to just walk and flow.

Rome is absolutely the perfect walking city if there ever is one. Walking the city your first day/night is the most important.

You’ll stumble across a ton of the things you wanted to see organically but mainly you’ll just be in awe as you stroll through the stunning streets and areas of Rome.

Stop for a drink when you’re thirsty, stumble into a random museum, stop when you’re hungry to one of the hundreds of restaurants on the side of the road.

I would say, grab a map and loosely look at areas you’d like to visit then throw that map away and just walk… take rights instead of lefts, go off the beaten path and follow your heart as you never know what could be around each corner.

Even the streets are enthralling… The cobblestone streets are made up of volcanic rock that well up in the hills behind the city.

The surface just adds depth, history and more of an incredible feel to the city. Some cute history for you, it is said there are as many cobbles as there are souls that St Peter has saved.

Some of the cobblestones tell stories as well such as one where there was an attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II or in the Jewish quarter where you’ll find some dedicated to the lives of people arrested by German troops and deported to Auschwitz.

Walking around your first day/night you will also feel unrushed and just get to soak in the magic that is Rome.

Walking around with no plan you’ll also get a general idea of the layout of the city and see a ton of things you might never see if you come to Rome with an idea to just go from point A to B to C to D to E on your itinerary and schedule.

I would suggest spending at minimum 3 days in Rome but obviously you can stay even longer. There is so much to do within Rome in 3 days you won’t even have time to see the beach or get outside the walls for other day-trips.Best things to do in Rome tips 9

If you want to see where to stay, how to get around and all other info see the 10 best unique things to do in Rome article here.



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