If you are anything like me, which you might be if you’re reading this blog, then you love to eat and find new restaurants. While Sedona maybe isn’t a culinary hot-spot it does have some great restaurants, however most importantly, the ambiance and stunning views for your meal that separate Sedona from other cities. Sedona is one of my favorite places to visit as it has the small town feel and a landscape that is unique to anywhere in the world!

My restaurant ratings below are a mixture of things combining service, ambiance and the food. For example while Til Gavo definitely isn’t the best food, it absolutely is one of the best locations to soak in Sedona while you eat. With that said, hop around to a few places and no matter what, you will love each of the places below.

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Overall I think view and ambiance matter the most in my ratings, which should also be #1 for your trip to Sedona. You can go to a good Italian restaurant without a view in your hometown so why spend money to do that here? Go do something you can’t do at home, which is basically my entire travel philosophy. I also have options of where to stay in Sedona at the bottom of this list as well.

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1. Enchantment Resort – Take Your Pick from Til Gavo, View 180 or Che Ah Chi

Price: $$-$$$$

I know, I cheated right off the bat by giving you 3 options. However, no matter what you do for food in Sedona, get to the Enchantment Resort and eat there, ideally during sunset. They are a touch of fine dining in terms of cost but won’t gauge you too much. If there on a date weekend you can go at night and cuddle up on their couches with blankets and their little fires, while sipping some great craft cocktails.

If you had to pick, I suggest going there to see the red rocks in all of their glory vs. being creekside at L’Auberge’s Cress On The Creek, where you pay almost double the amount as well.L’Auberge is very nice but it is along a creek vs. facing the red rocks, which are the reason you came right? Enchantment Resort is also the nicest hotel in Sedona but it is very expensive so be warned.  As of writing you can’t find it on third party sites and must book on their website.

2. Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill

Price: $$$$

For years I drove by this location and thought… why isn’t there a restaurant or bar there? Sure enough, fast forward to present day and the award winning Mariposa has taken over one of the best locations in Sedona. If you have been to Sedona you’ve surely driven by it before. While it is pricey, the decor, views and atmosphere are worth the price of splurging a little. Renowned Chef Lisa Dahl know’s what she is doing. While you will be paying a little extra the food, it will live up to the price tag. Feel free to even stop in there for drink in between hikes and enjoy the patio! It is the perfect location in the middle of the city with it being on the way to Devil’s Bridge, Bear Mountain, Soldier’s Pass and tons of other top rated hikes for Sedona.

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3. Page Springs Cellars

Price: $$

If you have read any other of my Sedona articles you know I love this place. It is such a great place to go with the views of the wineries, cheap-ish wine tastings and a solid menu. They also have live music on Friday and Saturday nights to cozy up with your date for a nice little night. I recommend trying all wine taste menus and the spinach artichoke dip, I don’t even care that much about spinach or artichokes but it is delightful. You can leave there with a full stomach and 4 wine tastings for under $100!

If you are in Sedona for a date weekend, a girls trip… maybe a guys trip… you absolutely have to stop by here along with the other two wineries right next door. It is in what I will call the winery corridor right next door to Javelina Leap Vineyard and Oak Creek Vineyards.

4. Creekside Bistro Sedona

Price: $$-$$$

This is a great spot if you don’t want to pay or go fine dining. I am a big fan of this place as it has some great food of all price levels, good views and ambiance but without the… how do I say this… ummm stuffy feeling you may get at other spots. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for brunch at L’Auberge definitely come here on the patio. Being a non-recovering alcoholic I also love their infused liquors. You have to try the bloody mary with jalapeno infused vodka and pickled okra. They have a great menu as well with tons of options for all budgets including burgers, tacos, steak & crab cakes, fish, pasta or really anything you are craving.

5. Salt Rock

Price: $$$

Located in the beautiful Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa the food is solid but what makes this place standout is the patio, ambiance, drinks and dog-friendliness. As I have gotten older I have started getting boujee with my drinks and often paying $12 for craft cocktails vs. a vodka soda. With that said, this place has amazing craft bartenders so it is worth getting a drink and sitting outside by the fire. I love a good fireplace setting and this place delivers with multiple fire pits, a view, games to play and you can bring your pup! Not sure it gets any better. Food is good but that’s not why it made the list conclusion jumpers.

6. Cress On The Creek

Price: $$$$

Cress On The Creek is located at the infamous L’Auberge De Sedona. I didn’t want to include it as everyone knows about it… and it is expensive as hell. One other “negative” is that it is on a creek vs. overlooking Sedona’s beautiful vistas. If I am spending this much I would like to be overlooking the landscape in Sedona.… however, the brunch and food is incredible. It is the most expensive brunch I have ever seen but it is also the happiest brunch I have ever had. You will feel like the first meal someone has after coming back from Survivor or one of those old movies where the King/Queen has a feast in front of them while being fed grapes… or that scene in Hook were Peter Pan, played by Robin Williams, imagines all the food and feast in front of him… or… okay you get it. If money isn’t an object then this is clearly a place you have to see.

7. The Hudson

Price: $$$-$$$$

I apologize in advance but I have never been here. Do I still get to keep my blog or does this take away all of my credibility? I feel like if anything I should get extra points for my veracity (it’s a word, look it up) as all I hear are amazing things about this place and I couldn’t exclude it. Anyways, this place is next on my list as I am told great things, it looks like a tasty menu, pretty view and good atmosphere. All of the reviews are terrific for the most part so definitely check it out and let me know what you think. So… anecdotally you have to go here and I will definitely update you when I check it out.

8. Elote

Price: $$$

Everyone loves this place…  but they don’t take reservations. I have gone twice only to have to wait an hour and one time I just left because I don’t have patience and was hangry after hiking all day. I think it is so popular because it used to be one of the few places with a great view and the food is really good. Is the food one hour+ hangry wait good? I think that’s a little nefarious as I can’t think of one place I would wait over 30 minutes. It’s also Mexican food in Sedona… if I’m in Mexico City, it’s overlooking the entire city and I see abuelas in the kitchen with old school utensils taking me into the 1800s then yes, I will wait an hour.

Okay I forgot what we were talking about but anyways, this place makes the list as it is really good food, the view is great and people rave about it… but again if there is a long wait, go somewhere else. I am starting to hold it against restaurants who don’t take reservations as well… I mean it just seems a little arrogant… my time off and trip to Sedona is valuable… I give my readers a precise timeline of stuff to do and now it’s all thrown off because you couldn’t make a reservation and had to wait over an hour for enchiladas? Not on my watch muchacho.

Honorable Mentions

Mesa Grill

Great little spot and very affordable with low and high options. It also has brunch, which is surprisingly hard to find in Sedona. A lot of the places I mentioned above are pricey so this is a great affordable place to go checkout with really good food.

Cucina Rustica

While amazing food, as mentioned I just don’t think I would go to Sedona to eat at an Italian restaurant with no great views of Sedona. However, I couldn’t leave it out as it truly is unreal food. Yet, as mentioned I would rather have slightly less good tasting food but with amazing Sedona views.

Where To Stay

  1. AirBnB. You can find some cheap gems and it is the most efficient bang for buck in Sedona. With that said, AirBnB fees have been skyrocketing lately so if someone with AirBnb is reading this I want you to know I’m unhappy and partially revolting… unless it’s too good a deal of course ;).
  2. Enchantment Resort is absolutely stunning. The accommodations, the restaurant and the views! You will have to pay for it though as it is very pricey, however for the cost I would pick it over L’auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa
  3. L’Auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa is perfection as mentioned and it also comes with a cost. I would recommend spending 50% or less on your lodging and staying elsewhere to spend more money on food, ATVs or other entertainment if you are on a budget. However, you must go to Sunday Brunch. While it is the most expensive brunch I have ever seen, it is definitely worth the experience as mentioned.
  4. Kimpton Amara is the best higher end resort without costing a fortune. It’s also dog friendly with a great patio.
  5. The 4 options above separate themselves from other others but are more pricey. However, if you want a good place to stay without paying a fortune checkout any of Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, Poco Diablo Resort, A Sunset Chateau or the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. Hotels seem to drop off after that in terms of quality.

Please let me know if you have tried any of these or any thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Sedona is a perfect escape from busy day to day life. I think Sedona is a perfect date vacation as it has so much to offer. If you like to hike this is the place for you. I also do recommend staying at the enchanted resort. The views from the dining patio are absolutely breathtaking.

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