Best bar in the USA: Saddle Up At Buffalo Chip Saloon And Steakhouse

I’ve always wondered if there is a best bar in the country. I have chatted with hundreds of people about it and came to the conclusion the best bar in America is located just north of Scottsdale, AZ.

When it comes to finding the best bar in the USA, this hidden gem stands out amidst the vast desert landscape—Buffalo Chip Saloon in the charming town in Cave Creek, Arizona.

buffalo chip best country bar near me

This iconic establishment not only offers an authentic Wild West experience but also embodies the spirit of the American frontier. 

It is just an experience and a setting that not many bars in the country have. It is the quintessential country bar but has a couple things that blow every other bar out of the water.

Sure the Barbecue food is real good, they have live music, they have a mechanical bull, they have multiple indoor and outdoor bars… but they also have live bull-riding.

You as an amateur can pay to ride a live bull in front of thousands of people in the mini arena! It is an experience like no other and something you must got check-out if visiting Phoenix. 

Prior to the bull-riding as well you get to enjoy the kids riding sheep, also known as mutton-busting.

I racked my brain and while there are a ton of cool bars, clubs and all else in the USA… yet nothing offered everything Buffalo Chip does!

There are loads of 9/10 bars in the country, a lot of 9.5/10s but Buffalo Chip might be that only 10/10.

Here is a little more of a deep dive into why you absolutely must visit this great bar.

Journey to the Old West

Nestled in the heart of Cave Creek, Buffalo Chip transports you to a bygone era with its rustic charm and unbridled enthusiasm for cowboy culture.

Photo courtesy of @bokeh.of.flores

The moment you step through the swinging saloon doors, you’re greeted by the inviting aroma of barbecue, the twang of country music, and the energy of a giant and lively crowd.

Rodeo Experience

What sets The Chip apart is its commitment to providing an authentic Western experience.

The Chip hosts weekly bull riding events in a genuine outdoor rodeo arena, allowing visitors to witness bull riding and even ride live bulls… the atmosphere is electric.

Live Music and Dance

The Chip doesn’t just stop at rodeo entertainment. The venue boasts a stellar lineup of live country music, turning the saloon into a dance floor where patrons can two-step the night away.


No trip to Buffalo Chip Saloon is complete without indulging in their mouthwatering barbecue, which has gotten significantly better over the years. 

For some time the food was okay and just something to have when there but the last couple of times I have visited it has been really legit good. Some of the best in Phoenix by far.

Cave Creek Itself

Beyond the doors of Buffalo Chip Saloon lies the picturesque town of Cave Creek, a quaint desert community known for its rich history and vibrant character.

Sunset alone at Buffalo Chip is a beautiful site with the rolling hills surrounding the small town and mountain vistas in the difference.

Nestled in the Sonoran Desert, Cave Creek offers a unique blend of Western charm and natural beauty. Visitors can explore local art galleries, antique shops, and charming boutiques, immersing themselves in the town’s distinctive atmosphere.

With all of that said… From the rodeo to music, to drinks outside through great barbecue, The Chip encapsulates the essence of cowboy culture.

So, saddle up and make your way to Buffalo Chip Saloon for an unforgettable experience that transcends time and captures the heart of the American frontier.

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