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Gobble Up Fun: Crafting a Turkey-Shaped Charcuterie Board for Thanksgiving

how to do Thanksgiving charcuterie
Ready to ruffle some feathers with your Thanksgiving spread for a holiday charcuterie board favorite? Learn how to make a whimsical turkey-shaped charcuterie board that’s as amusing to create as it is to eat! This Thanksgiving, let’s skip the bird and go straight for the board. Follow this guide to ...

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The one thing you have to do in Rome

Sounds crazy right... only one must-do thing in Rome that is full of literally a million things to see. The best part about this idea is that every person I have talked to that has been to Rome agrees. Another bold statement for you, Rome is a top 3 city ...

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6 Reasons To Collect Memories Not Things: Embrace Experiences Over Possessions

Collect memories, not things... It's an overused phrase these days but it's so true. Keeping up with the Jones' has turned everyone into a zombie trying to make more money to improve their house, car and other material things. This article goes goes over why prioritizing the collection of memories ...

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