12 Best Places to Eat and Drink in Nosara | From Local Fare to Romantic Nights

Nosara, Costa Rica, is not just a stunning vacation destination, it’s an experience. Drop everything and make Nosara your next beach vacation before it becomes overrun like its neighbor Tamarindo.

best restaurant in Nosara coyol 2

Known for its pristine beaches, lush jungles, and laid-back vibe, Nosara attracts travelers seeking sun, surf, and of course, delicious cuisine with some great places to grab a cocktail.

From mountain top luxury restaurants to beachside bars serving up fresh seafood to local sodas, Nosara offers some of the best eateries & drinkeries of any beach town you will ever come across.

La Luna Playa Pelada best restaurant

With that said, since you are going to Nosara here is our 12 must do things in Nosara article!

Now get ready as we dive into our guide of the best places to eat and drink in Nosara that you cannot miss.

Best Restaurants in Nosara

Below you will find the best restaurants in Nosara that you must try! From sunset romance to local fare to the best breakfast I’ve had to mountain top overlooking the ocean… here you will find it all.

best restaurant in Nosara

The best restaurant Ambiance in Nosara & Maybe On earth: Coyol

This is not hyperbole, Nosara might be the coolest restaurant I have ever been to.

The fact someone created this restaurant 25 minutes away from the main vacation area, where you drive through local towns & fincas down a very dusty road… is unreal.

best restaurant in Nosara coyol 2

After driving down backroads, past dogs running everywhere and local families in their huts, you climb this hill and end up with the most immaculate view overlooking the ocean and surrounding areas.

Aside from just the view, the rustic restaurant & bar decor leading to the outdoors picnic table seating is truly out of a movie. They also have a rope swing off the side of the hill for that perfect instagram picture.

Coyol best place to eat in Nosara

The food is pretty good as well, wouldn’t call it life changing but definitely good, yet it is the overall ambiance that sets it apart from all others places.

Their cocktails are also fun with certain drinks coming in unique cups or fun presentation making it a great time for cocktail tasting.

coyol best restaurant in Nosara

Be sure to make reservations 1+ weeks in advance if you want any shot of getting a prime sunset reservation.

Best Brunch in Nosara: Destiny Cafe & Restaurant

Destiny screams brunch in Nosara… the vibe, the food and mood are just perfect if you want a chill brunch with some of the tastiest options.

Destiny's beach cafe best breakfast nosara

Their menu is unreal whether you want savory, sweet, healthy, not so healthy along with a giant collection of unique coffees.

On your visit you literally will want to try one of everything. The cloud coffee is a crowd favorite if you want to see something a little unique but you can’t go wrong with any coffee or meal on the menu.

Destiny's Beach Cafe best breakfast

Oh, they also have charcoal toast that you have to get… somehow it is the greatest toast on earth, the crisp level is indescribable. 

Best Beachfront Restaurant For Sunset: La Luna

Perched on the edge of Playa Pelada, La Luna epitomizes beachfront dining at its finest.

This iconic restaurant offers a romantic ambiance with beach & ocean views, making it the perfect spot for a sunset dinner. Indulge in Mediterranean-inspired cuisine featuring fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and bold flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

La Luna Playa Pelada best restaurant

They outside beachside tables with string lights over top really can’t be beat if you want that perfect romantic dinner on the beach.

You will want to make a reservation 1-2+ weeks in advance if you want to be there for sunset.

Best Costa Rican Food: Rosi’s Soda Tica

For an authentic taste of Costa Rican cuisine, look no further than Rosi’s Soda Tica.

Rosi's soda tica

While it has become a bit of a chain, all locations offer the same amazing local cuisine. The charming local eatery serves up traditional casados, hearty soups, and savory empanadas and their sauces are next level.

Locals and visitors alike flock to Rosi’s for a taste of homemade comfort food that transports them to the heart of Costa Rica with the most affordable meal in town.

Rosi's Soda Tica

There are some other more local “sodas” in the town of Nosara and nearby at Gusto beach if you want to get away from the more touristic Rosi’s.

What is a Soda in Costa Rica?

As you may or may not know “soda” is a term for a local costa rican restaurant. These are mom and pop restaurants serving up some of the best local Costa Rican food.

Soda La Feria best restaurant quepos

Often these are open air, side of the road, plastic chairs and you have to try one to experience eating like a local.

You will want to try chicken casado, where most often the chicken is slow cooked in its own stew of juices and just falls apart on your fork.

Best Breakfast in Nosara: Sunrise Cafe

You can easily argue Destiny has the best breakfast as well and I won’t debate you as both are great.

However, in terms of taste the breakfast burrito & the eggcellent toast were two of the best tasting breakfast meals I have ever had.

Sunrise Cafe Playa pelada best breakfast

Located in Playa Pelada, Sunrise Cafe is also a great spot if you want to work on your computer and sip one of their multitude of coffee options. They of course have smoothies, bowls and all else you need from this quaint cafe.

Best Value & Maybe Greatest Dinner You Will Have: Sunset Picnic At The Beach

Nosara is very expensive if you want a nice dinner, that is no secret.

So if you want to save a little money while still having a wonderful dinner… grab a blanket, bottle of wine/liquor or beer, get some carry out and plunk down on the beach for sunset.

surfing in Nosara

Join hundreds of other sunset lovers who flood the beach at the end of the day to watch the sun go down as well as surfers and dogs running around the beach.

Sunset in Nosara cannot be missed and no better way to watch it then with a romantic picnic on the beach.

Best Patio View & Restaurant Gastronomy: Huacas 

Another place you cannot miss on your trip is the hillside stunner Huacas.

best restaurant in Nosara

Similar to Coyol, Huacas offers ridiculous views of the ocean and entire area. If you are lucky you might see the sun go down as howler monkeys frolic in the trees next to you.

Something that does set Huacas apart is their menu seems to be the best place for true foodies as it is quite an eclectic gastronomy adventure.

best restaurant in Nosara huacas

Located at Tierra Magnifica you will want to make a reservation 1-2 weeks in advance to get a prime sunset reservation.

Best Tasting Dinner In Nosara: Il Pepperoni 

This is tough but if you put a gun to my head and asked my favorite dinner place in Nosara, my favorite dinner is here.

Il pepperoni best restaurant Nosara 2

As you will come to find out, Costa Rican’s love Italian food so tons of non-local restaurants in Costa Rica are Italian with their forno ovens.

I ended up coming back here multiple times vs. going to La Luna, Coyol, Huacas or the other great restaurants again and again as the food here was just so good and reasonably priced.

Il pepperoni best restaurant Nosara

Their pastas, pizzas, sushi and everything else was my favorite on the trip. It is located in Playa Pelada just next to Olga’s and La Luna.

Best Local Seafood Restaurant: Pacifico Azul

If you want a seafood restaurant with a costa rican cooking flair then go by Pacific Azul.

This is a cute little spot and definitely a relaxing and romantic vibe out in their open air patio or inside the restaurant. 

Pacifico Azul Nosara

They have some of the best seafood, if not the best, in all of Nosara and with daily specials you will love everything they have to offer.

Bonus Playa Garza Beach Restaurant: Perozah

If you have tried everything above or can’t get a reservation for sunset then check out Perozah just 10 minutes down the highway from Guiones.

Perozah has a perfect beach restaurant vibe so definitely try to get here if you have time. 


They actually are the closest restaurant to the water out of any in Nosara and the region as their beach patio hugs right up close to the water.

Great Lunch Vibe: Gilded Iguana

More than just a place to stay, Gilded Iguana is cool spot to just relax and have some nibbles and a cocktail or a coffee.

Guilded Iguana nosara 2

Located in the heart of Nosara, this iconic hotel and restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring international dishes, fresh seafood, and tropical cocktails. You might even get up close and personal with one of the iguanas.

Guilden Iguana

Of course there are so many other restaurants and beach cafes in Nosara so definitely explore the various cafés scattered along Playa Guiones for a casual dining experience with a view.

Best Bars in Nosara

No trip to Nosara is complete without swinging by the local watering holes. From upscale cocktail bars to underground lounges to beers in the sand, Nosara has some great spots for a drink.

Nosara is definitely on the sleepier side when it comes to the party scene with most things closing early, however if you want a night out there are still some options.

Alt Fin Nosara speakeasy

Alt Fin – The Underground Surfer Speakeasy

Alt Fin is one of the most unique places to get a drink in all of Costa Rica. Imagine I told you that there is an underground surf shop that is also a speakeasy… wow.

Alt Fin Nosara speakeasy

This place is a must stop and they make some of the best craft cocktails you will ever have.

Selina – Best Party

Nosara is a pretty sleepy town when it comes to a party but Selina has you covered. Selina is notorious in Latin America for being the nice hostel that always brings the party.
Selina party nosara

This Selina is the nicest one I have come across and the decor could rival a place in Las Vegas. Cheap drinks, Wednesday Salsa Night you can’t miss and DJs on the weekends, if you want a night out, this is the place.

Olga’s Beach Bar – Nosara’s only true Beach Bar 

Oddly enough there is only one actual bar on the beach in Nosara and it is located on Playa Pelada. Don’t fret as you can walk from Guiones to Pelada via the safe path between the two beaches or take a tuk tuk.

Olga's Beach Bar

Olga’s is a true no frills beach bar and a great spot for a drink with that ocean and sunset view.

Beach Dog Cafe – Live Music

Another no frills beach bar is Beach Dog Cafe where they will have live music for you on multiple nights and one of the few places that stays open later than most places.

Open Mic night at beach dog nosara

The even have an open mic/karaoke night if you want to get up there for a little performance.

Howler’s Beach Lounge – A Crowd Favorite

Maybe the most popular place in Guiones is Howler’s Beach Lounge. This quaint beach bar is located in the heart of town just steps from the beach.

There is limited seating and you must have a seat to order so this place is typically packed especially after sunset.

Best Bars in Nosara For Sunset

If you want the best place for a drink for sunset you only have a few options and most are upscale but… the best bar is free.

For sunset only Olga’s, La Luna, Huacas, Perozah and Coyol truly have a sunset view. With that said, buy your drink of choice from the store and head to the best bar in town on Guiones beach with the rest of the town.

sunsets in Nosara play guiones

Of course pack out what you pack in to keep the beach beautiful.

There sometimes are local raves at places like Perozah or in the jungle but it is something you will just find out by word of mouth or posted on street poles.

Perozah playa garza


Get to Nosara before it gets too overpopulated as it is one of the best beach towns on earth.

It truly is a culinary & cocktail playground waiting to be explored. Whether you want fresh seafood by the beach, traditional Costa Rican cuisine or beers in the sand, every bar and restaurant is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and flavors of this tropical paradise.

So pack your appetite and embark on a culinary journey through the best places to eat and drink in Nosara.


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