Unveiling Colombia’s 3 Best Hotels: Unparalleled Affordable Luxury

Colombia, a land of diverse landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality, welcomes you to embark on a journey where you will find some of the best hotels I have ever stayed in.

If you are deciding where to go on your next vacation then Colombia should be near the top of your list due to culture, food, history and of course what this article is about, the value and cost of some amazing luxury hotels.

best place to stay in Medellin

If you want the best luxury hotels in Colombia you will be pleased to know that they are a fraction of the price you would find in places like the USA, most of Europe or Canada for example.

Living in Colombia, food and lodging is incredibly cheap. For example a hotel that would cost $1,000+ USD per night in Lake Tahoe or Maui will be closer to $250 USD in stunning Colombia.

best hotel in bogota

In this article I will show you three gorgeous hotels in Colombia and probably some of the nicest places to stay in you might ever visit. 

I picked one from each of the three main touristic cities of Medellin, Cartagena and Bogota, with an extra one in Cartagena for reasons will mention below.

Whether you’re drawn to the historic allure of Cartagena, the dynamic energy of Medellin, or the cosmopolitan charm of Bogota, Colombia promises a tapestry of wonders.

I will tease a little why these cities are must-visit destinations and how these luxurious hotels elevate your Colombian experience to unforgettable heights.

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

Colombia’s splendid cities and exceptional accommodations are poised to captivate your heart and soul.

While travel itself is delightful… when you can live like royalty and comfortably on a budget… it just adds so much to the terrific experience on your vacation.

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

When I travel I always try to find value in my stay, at this point in my life I no longer do the hostel or budget hotel thing but I also try not to spend all my money on crazy expensive hotels since I rarely spend much time in the hotel.

However, in this case… Colombia is so cheap and the accommodations are maybe once-in-a-lifetime type stuff I decided it was worth spending and extra $100 a night to upgrade to some hotels the likes of I might never stay in again.

best place to stay in Medellin

The best example is the best hotel in Bogota and maybe the best hotel I have ever stayed in.

The best hotel to stay at in Bogota 

If you want the best luxury hotel to stay in Bogota look no further than the Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina.

Wow… this hotel is truly out of a movie and arguably the best place I have ever stayed at. 

When I say I look for value, this is the best you will ever find in a 5-star hotel. If this hotel was in Whistler or Maui it will cost you be $1,000+ USD per night in most seasons of the year.

In Bogota you can stay in unparalleled luxury for around $250 USD per night. I was looking at staying at a 3-4 star hotel in Bogota for around $150, came across the Four Seasons Casa Medina and it was an automatic no brainer.

best hotel and area to stay in Bogota and things to do

I know you may be traveling on a budget but… this one time, spend that extra $100-150 a night for a value that would cost you triple that if you wanted to do it in the USA or Europe.

Not only is the hotel amazing, their restaurant Castanyoles is one of the prettiest restaurants I have ever been in. 

best hotel and area to stay in Bogota and things to do

A Colombian bar & restaurant with greenhouse atrium and a fireplace on the patio… the place is unreal.

It is fine dining but the food is great and a place you definitely should splurge on if you decide to have a fancy dinner out or their lavish brunch.

best hotel and area to stay in Bogota and things to do

The neighborhood Casa Medina is in is also adorable. If you didn’t know better you might think you were in a high-end suburb of Denver, Vancouver or Seattle.

There are so many great coffee shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance so you feel very safe everywhere you go.

best hotel and area to stay in Bogota and things to do

Bogota was a pleasant surprise, so do not skip it if you have the time to check it out.

The Best Hotel to Stay in Cartagena

If you want a 5-star hotel in Cartagena then you need to check out the luxurious island paradise of Eteka Slow Beach Hotel!

While Cartagena has a few stunning places to stay, there is one that sets itself apart from the others and is literally the postcard place you have always wanted to stay in!

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

Imagine an island casita with a palm thatched roof, bathtub or swinging chairs on the balcony, outdoor shower and room service a text message away.

They also have special romantic dinner and lunch options to make your stay extra special if you want to have a dining experience that is out of this world.

They have a rooftop stage setup where you are one of the highest structures on the island overlooking the ocean with Cartagena in the distance.

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

The pictures here will say a thousand words but the service is also to the highest level of anything I have ever experienced.

They give you their phone number or whatsapp and they are truly at your service at all times for whatever you may need.

The only issue is they are not great at communicating with you prior to your arrival. However, once you are there it is day and night as they are at your whim via Whatsapp messaging whatever you may need and whenever. 

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

They arrange free pickup for you from when you get to the beach to hop in their boat for the 10 minute ride to the hotel. They can also provide transportation from the airport but it is just as easy and cheaper if you do that your own via Uber or Taxi.

If you are wanting crystal clear water and picture perfect sand Cartagena really isn’t it unfortunately.

There is great water and sandier beaches further away in Baru and the Rosario Islands but those take 1-2 hours to get to.Best place to stay Cartagena 10However, the sand and water is still really nice as you can see, it just isn’t Aruba or the Bahamas level.

Best place to stay Cartagena 10

What is nice about Eteka is that it is just 10 minutes on the boat and you are there vs. a very choppy 1-2 hour ride to the other islands, often closer to 2 hours.

Also note the name is “slow beach” for a reason as it is very tranquil with no music, parties etc like some of the neighboring places.

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

While you can walk down the beach or take a motorcycle taxi to a party… here at Eteka you will find a perfect peaceful resort.

Cartagena Tips

If you have time stay on the island for half your time and in the city for half your time. Use Uber to get around.

Beware the massage ladies and people selling goods on the islands. Unfortunately in Cartagena I experienced hustling like no other place I have ever been.

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

They are extremely pushy and you really have to put your foot down with everything or else you will get the bill at the end. It really soured me on Cartagena to be honest.

Feel free to skip Cholon, I was ripped off as was a friend who went on a seperate trip. It is cool and all but the prices are insane for Colombia and it is just a party with overly priced food and drinks.

Best Mainland Hotel in Cartagena 

If you are looking to stay at a great hotel in Cartagena there truly are quite a few ones to choose from so you can’t go too wrong just looking at reviews online.

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

However, I absolutely love Hotel Movich Cartagena De Indias. It is a 4-star hotel in the perfect location and has the best view in the city for sunset and really any time of day.

People rate it as a place you have to go to for sunset so why not just stay there. They have a great rooftop pool, restaurant and bar as well as a nice restaurant inside as well. 

best hotel in Cartagena and things to do

The rooms are very nice and contemporary and will mention again, it is the absolute perfect location for your adventures in Cartagena.

Best Hotel In Medellin 

If you are visiting Medellin and want the best overall hotel then Marquee Hotel Medellin is the place you have to stay.

There are so many hotel options in Medellin it will drive you insane so let me just make it easy for you… stay here. 

best place to stay in Medellin and things to do when visiting

It is in the higher-end of cost yet still only around $150-200 USD per night, which is an absolute steal for what you get. As mentioned earlier I had no qualms about spending an extra $50-100 a night to make my stay once-in-a-lifetime type stuff.

While there are arguably more luxurious hotels in Medellin this hotel is the best all-around place to stay as it is in the perfect area for your travels, has a stunning rooftop pool & view and their rooms spare no expense.

best place to stay in Medellin and things to do when visiting

Their in-room water tap was the clincher for me… I was already in love with the hotel, restaurant, rooftop, basement speakeasy and all else… but trust me… the in-room water tap just was an extra addition that tipped it over the edge.

Their staff and communication is also exceptional similar to Eteka where they have their concierge ready for you at all times via text or whatsapp!

best place to stay in Medellin and things to do when visiting

Speaking of going above and beyond… their breakfast is not only amazing but they will deliver it where you want! Want it in your room, on the patio, on the rooftop… just whatsapp them and all set, truly remarkable service.

The hotel is also a short walk to Provenza, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods on earth. El Poblado is a little hectic and less nice than green, stunning Provenza. 

best place to stay in Medellin and things to do when visiting

I would say El Poblado is great for 18 to mid-20 somethings where Provenza is a little more upscale, prettier and relaxed. However, you can both in a extremely short walk from perfectly placed Marquee.

Be sure to stop by their restaurant Abbiocco and downstairs Z Bar!

best place to stay in Medellin and things to do when visiting

Hopefully this helped you find the perfect places to stay on your travels and took some anxiety out of planning! Please leave a comment below if you liked the article or had other hotels you loved as well.


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