8 Best Restaurants in Siesta Key

If you are looking for the best places to eat in Siesta Key then look no further as there is no shortage of delightful places to eat in Siesta Key.

Welcome to Siesta Key, where culinary delights and seaside charm intertwine. If you’re a food enthusiast seeking a gastronomic adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key ophelia's

Siesta Key boasts a vibrant dining scene that caters to every palate, from casual beachside eateries to upscale fine dining establishments.

In this article, I will guide you through the culinary landscape of Siesta Key, revealing the top restaurants that will take your tastebuds on a seaside tour and leave you craving for more.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key place that cooks what you catch

Whether you’re in search of freshly caught seafood, sizzling steaks, delightful brunch or international cuisine, Siesta Key has it all. 

Get ready to savor the coastal flavors and unwind in the warm ambiance that makes Siesta Key a dining destination like no other. With all of that said, let’s take a look at the best restaurants in Siesta Key that you absolutely have to visit!

Best restaurants in Siesta Key Ophelia's

Best Authentic Place To Eat in Siesta Key: Walt’s Fish Market

When I travel I always want to go to a place that is an experience. There are tons of fine dining places everywhere, tons of seafood restaurants… but where is a place that encompasses where I am… this is Walt’s.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key place that cooks what you catch

This was my favorite place to eat near Siesta Key. While it is technically Sarasota, it is just 10 minutes from Siesta Key and this is the place you can come after your fishing trip and they will cook up your catch however you like it!

We went on an amazing fishing trip with Sarasota Family Fishing Charters, while it is a small boat we were catching fish non-stop and even got a shark!

Anyways, no better way to cap off an incredible half-day fishing than going right to Walt’s, which he can drop you off nearby, and they cook it up in the method of your choosing!

Best restaurants in Siesta Key Walt's

Not only that but they have an absolutely giant menu with anything you could wish for and on top of that they have a fresh market where you can just go pick what you want and have them cook it up!

Best restaurants in Siesta Key place that cooks what you catch walt's

Best Overall Beach Restaurant in Siesta Key: Siesta Key Oyster Bar

If you are looking for a quintessential beach restaurant look no further than Siesta Key Oyster Bar in the middle of Siesta Key Village.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key siesta key oyster house

Seafood, sandals & college football on TV… what else do you need. 

Not many places can you stroll in with sandals, messy hair, potentially smelly and sticky after a beach day and have maybe one of the best meals of your trip!

Best restaurants in Siesta Key siesta key oyster house

Similar to Walt’s, this is just an experience and the reason you come to Siesta Key.

Best Patio And Romantic Dinner in Siesta Key: Ophelia’s On The Bay

If you want a romantic patio dinner experience than head to Ophelia’s. If you are going to splurge at one place in Siesta Key this is the place to do it.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key siesta key the cottage

In terms of food I wouldn’t say it was better than the others listed here to be honest, however the ambiance on the water is so peaceful and such a great spot to have a glass of wine and good meal.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key

Ophelia’s could easily be the best fine dining restaurant in Siesta Key as well but I wanted to give you an extra option later in this option for fine dining. 

Best Bar in Siesta Key: Daiquiri Deck Siesta Key Village

I hate myself for including this place as it is the epitome of touristy. However… it really is actually pretty good.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key siesta key

I feel like I have to include it as we got second in the Halloween Contest and got a gift card but… you know what the food actually was pretty good.

They have a little dance floor if a DJ is going and they have blended drinks on tap for days. Their patio is nice and overall, I hate to say I actually liked it.

best bar in Siesta Key

However, in Siesta Key you don’t just stay in one place as it is great for a bar hop. Go across the street to another great beach bar in Gilligans  or up the Street to a more club type spot in The Beach Club.

Best Brunch In Siesta Key: Another Broken Egg Cage

We were told to go to lots of breakfast places but this just had it all. 

Best restaurants in Siesta Key Breakfast

While I don’t care too much about staff, unless they are awful, the staff here was so nice! They have every drink concoction you could ask for… from multiple spiked coffees to tons of bloody mary options and beyond.

I am a drink s**** when I am hungover and this place had anything I could ask for. 

Best restaurants in Siesta Key Breakfast

Their menu is also amazing from anything you could want from sweet to savory! It also has a giant patio and is in the middle of the village so all was wonderful.

Magnificent food, drinks, staff, location and patio… 5 stars.

Best fine Dining in Siesta Key: The Cottage

I loved the food at the Cottage. It was arguably the best food I had in Siesta Key but it was also on the higher end side. 

Best restaurants in Siesta Key siesta key the cottage

I liked the food better than Ophelia’s but the setting of Ophelia’s is hard to beat. 

Overall it is a cute spot and would definitely add it to the list if you have time as the meal was great and is a great little ambiance in its own right.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key siesta key the cottage

Best Coffee Shop & Quick Breakfast or Lunch: Bean Coffeehouse

If you want a cute local coffee shop with some good breakfast sandwiches quick to go then come to Bean!

Best restaurants in Siesta Key siesta key the cottage

Just the picture alone is reason enough to come as it is far from going to a Starbucks or similar.

With a great local flair, sublime coffee and terrific food, it is all you want in a coffee spot!

Best Sandwich In Siesta Key: Anna’s Deli

People love Anna’s… it is raved about a ton and well, the bread is exquisite but… I dunno.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key Anna's

I don’t want to say it isn’t good as it is… the lineup out the door even proves it. However, from all the reviews and such I was expecting something special and it was just a standard sandwich place that won’t go anywhere near my hall of fame.

Best restaurants in Siesta Key Anna's

If you are nearby, go get it, we took the trolly all the way down south and back to try this and it just didn’t meet expectations.

Lovely people, good sandwich… maybe just don’t prioritize it.

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