23 Best Restaurants in Phoenix & Scottsdale

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale than you came to the right place.

Whether you want dinner with a view, low-key comfort food, fine-dining, farm-to-table, a deli or one of the best meals you have ever had… this is the place to go on a foodie tour of Phoenix.

Lon's At The Hermosa Inn Best Restaurants Phoenix

Phoenix is turning into a little culinary hotspot with a lot of great restaurants popping up as well as some older eateries unique to Phoenix really catching their stride.

This list really tries to rank by bang for your buck from food quality to ambiance and beyond.

Best seafood restaurant in Phoenix

The best places to eat in Phoenix are scattered throughout the valley with a ton of amazing options whether you want healthy food fast, Italian, Mexican, New Mexican, the best seafood or a stunning elegant dinner with a view.


Like any city there are a plethora of restaurants for all tastes thus this list tries to incorporate all tastes and styles. Phoenix is of course home to Southwestern dishes and an incredible place for Mexican food due to over 33% of the population being Hispanic.

T Cooks best restaurant Phoenix

However, being the 5th largest city and 12th largest DMA in the US you are sure to get great choices across the board for all types of restaurants.

As Phoenix is so vast we tried to pick more central best Phoenix restaurants for people visiting or for those who don’t want to drive to Buckeye for a meal. 

If you are visiting Phoenix and want to do some great things, see here for the Phoenix Bucket List: 16 Things You Have To Do

Best restaurants in Phoenix & Scottsdale Best Mexican Restaurants

Let me preface this ranked list with the fact that this for best overall experience for the everyday person. This list is not for necessarily the foodie or for most expensive fine dining but it’s for truly the best all-around places to eat.

I am talking ambiance, uniqueness, food, cost-to-taste-ratio and overall experience. I could list 6 $$$$$ restaurants but odds are if they are that pricey they are well known or good so don’t need the help.

Lon's At The Hermosa Inn Best Restauants Phoenix

I reiterate this on my site often… I always try to suggest things that are unique or different that you can’t do where you’re from or don’t do every day so this list is also for those visiting to try something new.

With that said, in this blog you will see things that are a bit more centric to the area vs. larger chains. See here for the top bars in Phoenix & Scottsdale.

Best Restaurants in Phoenix There are a few places that have opened and become more popular over the last few years since this article was written originally. Here are a few other places to look at.

If you are in town for a bachelor/ette party a huge crowd favorite is Toca Madera as well as the even newer CALA Scottsdale.

To be honest Toca’s food is not that good for what you pay for, however definitely #1 in ambiance and experience so ends up worth it. Toca is also an LA creation so not really speaking to this list of more a unique Phoenix experience.

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

A couple of nicer “trendy” fine dining options are also Maple & Ash, Ocean 44, Steak 44 as well as Bourbon & Bones but we still prefer the fine dining options mentioned below.

Bacanora is a newer restaurant on the scene but it literally is sold out of reservations months in advance. You can try and sit at the first-come first serve bar though.

Best places to eat in Phoenix

Another new favorite is PYRO but felt it was underwhelming from a cost/benefit side… it was expensive for small portions and would much rather do others on this list over it for the same or lesser amount.

Mastro’s City Hall in my opinion is the most overrated as have been there 5 times now and have been underwhelmed all but 4 of them. It also is a very old stuffy crowd since some of the newer places have gotten trendier and more of a fun experience.

Wren and Wolf is also another newer place that underwhelmed. While it is a great ambiance, the food quality and taste just wasn’t there.

1. Best Restaurant in Phoenix – Rockerij/Richardson’s/Rosie’s/

Dick’s Hideaway

Price: $$-$$$

The Rockerij, Richardson’s, Rosie’s and Dick’s Hideaway are all the same company with the first 3 being all joined together while Dick’s is just down the street!

Wow… these places have some of the best food on earth, not just Phoenix. It is New Mexican fare with the perfect low-key cozy ambiance such as the stone house of a restaurant in the Rokerij.

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

Don’t ask more questions… just go. Each place has a similar menu while deviating some to match the mood of each place. They also all have the best breakfast in town.

Rockerij is the more upscale date night of the 4 but still a very casual comfortable feel with dim lighting, stone-house setup and copper top bars.

Richardson’s, the original from 1988 is casual with over-sized booths, rugs on the wall and overall just a homey southwestern feel to it.

Dick’s Hideaway, open in 1992, is a rustic more bar feel, it is small, fills up very fast and has a purposeful tight intimate and fun feel to it. It actually was where Dick lived and his shower is still in the bathroom!

best restaurant in phoenix Rockerij

Rosie’s is their speakeasy that you can actually walk through the Richardson’s kitchen to get to. While it is a bar it also has the full menu so feel free to drink and eat away there!

You must get the carne adovada! I have never heard of it or tried it and wow… top favorite meal ever, especially the breakfast with eggs… dear Lord.

Don’t get me started on the tortillas… I don’t understand how they make the greatest tortillas ever… I don’t and have never cared about tortillas but… unbelievable. Feel free to ask for more for free!

best restaurant in phoenix Rockerij

One of the best thing about their places is also that you get giant portions to take home… no skimpy tiny portions here, you get what you paid for and more!

Be sure to get something from the Sante Fe Trail like the bacon wrapped shrimp, adovada, smoked pork or whatever you get recommended.

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

Be sure to ask the waiter about the story behind Dick’s hideaway as it used to just be a place he drank with his friends to “hide away” from restaurant.

The restaurants are full of surprises including the secret basement bar at the Rockerij!

Some of the best food on earth, the vibe, the ambiance and how unique it is is what puts these places firmly at the #1 spot!

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

2. Chelsea’s Kitchen – Best Ambiance & Prime Rib

Price: $$$-$$$$

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

The best prime rib I have ever had and some of the best atmosphere for a restaurant in all of Phoenix with it’s chill vibe. 

Chelsea’s Kitchen is a little off the standard track tucked away off Camelback but it is no secret to locals. You will be hard pressed to not have a wait at Chelsea’s Kitchen as it is a local favorite. 

Their food, atmosphere and drinks are some of the best in town! While there often is a wait you are more than welcome to wait on their front patio or grassy area and order drinks while catching up with your group.

Best restaurants in Phoenix Chelsea's Kitchen 2

You must try their Diego Rivera paloma, the french fries are actually the best fries on earth and then the free chocolate chip cookies when you leave add the perfect touch.

Their smokeyard with wood burning rotisserie and grill really just makes this place extra special with mouth-watering food.

If you want to perfect mix of fine dining but a good casual meal and ambiance, Chelsea’s Kitchen and their amazing sister restaurant Buck & Rider are exceptional places to try!

3. Lon’s At The Hermosa Inn – Best Fine Dining

Price: $$$$

This is the best and one of the lesser known upscale gem’s in all of Arizona. Living here 10+ years and I don’t know many people who know about it. The setting is absolutely stunning as you can see with beautiful grounds.

Lon's At The Hermosa Inn Best Restaurants Phoenix

The patio is incredible and is the perfect ambiance for a date night or any time. The food is spectacular and they have a ton of great tequila based craft cocktails. Their wine list is beyond robust so if you are a wine lover than you have to go here.

Lon's At The Hermosa Inn Best Restaurants 8

They have exceptional service with such personable staff and then of course inside has that rustic Southwestern feel. You must have a drink at their bar as it feels like something out of the wild west.

The hotel itself has won Conde Nast awards and it even has a secret prohibition poker room where you can dine in the wine cellar!

Lon's At The Hermosa Inn Best Restauants Phoenix

The room was found buried under the property when the new owners were renovating the property in the 1990s. It has secret tunnels where they could all escape into the desert if prohibition agents were coming their way.

Lon’s offers an incredible setting, stunning decor and patio and of course this one of a kind experience.

4. Ristorante Giuseppe – Best Food, Best Italian & Best Family Restaurant

Price: $$-$$$

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

This is the BEST Italian restaurant and arguably the best tasting food in town.

It is family owned and operated as well as one of the few grandfathered in locations where you can legally bring in your own alcohol! You heard right, you can bring in wine to the restaurant!

The owner is the best host in all of the Phoenix. He welcomes you, he entertains you, he makes you feel like you are in your own house and he is basically the mayor of Phoenix. If you are on a first date then you 10,000% have to go here.

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

They will break the ice for you, make you both feel comfortable and keep you both smiling all night long making sure there are no awkward pauses.

Beyond that, I cannot express to you how good the food is, best in Phoenix. I highly suggest the Pasta Alex and the Pasta Giuseppe, however you can’t go wrong with anything!

It is cash only and does not take reservations so you’ve been warned but it adds to the cache. All the best places always are cash only anyways!

5. The Farm At South Mountain – Best Farm to Table

Price: $$$$

Originally conceived in the 1920s The Farm At South Mountain now offers fine dinner at their stunning Quiessence restaurant, lunch and picnic parties at the Farm Kitchen or breakfast at Morning Glory Cafe.

Best places to eat in Phoenix

The grounds also offer a massive garden, retail store and a magical space for weddings and events. 

The restaurants offer some of the freshest food you might ever eat with vegetables, edible flowers, eggs and herbs picked within hours from the on-site garden. Even the cocktails are fine crafted and adorned with ingredients from the farm.

The Farm is the best destination in Arizona for self-sustainability, locally created arts, and a truly farm-to-table experience.

6. Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles – Best hangover food & fun experience

Price: $$

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

Lolo’s has gone down just a little on the list as the consistency of the food can be hit and miss now that it has open a ton of locations.

However, you still get the best service, great atmosphere and the food is typically incredible. Odds are you are going to be hungover this Scottsdale trip and when you wake up you need to go directly to Lolo’s.

You obviously have to get chicken & waffles but also be sure to get stupid fries and some kool-aid on tap. You can’t not have a good time here and will leave very content, aside from a touch heavier in the waistline.

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

With that said if you’re looking to lose weight on a top restaurant list of mine than you need to move on. I suggest starting with the Stupid Fries and then moving to the perfect combination of chicken and waffles smothering both in hot sauce and syrup.

I had never had chicken and waffles before this place and wow… will never go back, combine them both with hot sauce and syrup in one bite, heaven!

7. Barnone & The Pemberton – Best Restaurant Co-Op Spaces

Price: $$$

The Pemberton and Barnone make the list purely from an experience standpoint. Both are such cool shared spaces where you can try different pop-up restaurants or food trucks and bars.

They are must-visits and if you are on a date night they should be some of the first places you go. Casual and laid back setting make it so unique from standard restaurants or bars.

The Pemberton Phoenix best bars and restaurants

The Pemberton has multiple incredible food trucks with pasta, teppanyaki, tacos, street dogs and more!

It also has a ton of bars all with their own unique ambiance. There is an urban area, a latin area, a relaxed area, a DJ area and a pub type area.

The Pemberton Phoenix best bars and restaurants

Barnone is a co-op space made up of restaurants, a brewery, a winery, 2 machine shops, a florist, letterpress, woodworking, a salon, a farm store and more companies continue to be added.

All of this with the backyard being Agritopia Farm where you can get some of the best produce in Phoenix.

You could spend all day or night here floating around all the spaces throughout Barnone. Fire & Brimstone is their woodfired pizza restaurant including the Dill Pickle Pizza, which is arguably one of the best pizzas I have ever had. 

Next to Fire & Brimstone is 12 West Brewing, one of the coolest little microbreweries in town, which is also next to the winery Garage-East offering some great wine to try on their quaint little patio.

best restaurants in Phoenix

Their Uprooted Kitchen is a plant based eatery with a true farm to table experience. All of the places offer a great patio, indoor seating and they have a giant event space that is perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations and more!

8. Tonto Bar & Grill – Best Off The Beaten Path

Price: $$$$

Tonto Bar & Grill, located in Cave Creek, offers one of the best sunset views in Phoenix, incredible food and the most relaxing restaurant on this list.

Set along the golf course you can watch rabbits hop around, eat some of incredible food and be in the serene and lovely area of Cave Creek. The peacefulness of the area and country feel is really what sets this place apart from the rest.

Tonto Bar & Grill Best Restaurants In Phoenix Tonto Bar & Grill

Everything on their menu is so good and the menu itself is not your standard American food as they have a ton of amazing and unique options, with a menu that changes often.

This is also a great starting point if you want to go down the road to Buffalo Chip for some drinks and fun to end the night.

9. Chula Seafood & Fish Market Uptown – Best Seafood

Price: $$$

Best seafood restaurant in Phoenix

The best seafood restaurant and freshest seafood in town. Established in San Diego the family owned and operated company specialises in deep sea fishing off the Pacific coast bringing the most fresh fish to your plate.

From the boat in San Diego straight to Arizona you will taste some of the best seafood you will have. As someone who is not a big raw fish fan, their sashimi platter was incredible. 

What helps is their secret sauce that you can dip the sashimi into, it is arguably the best sauce in Phoenix. When you go in make sure you request it, Juan’s Sauce is deeeeelightful.

Best seafood restaurant in Phoenix

Then their grilled oysters are my new favorite thing from the flavor to the presentation. They also have sandwiches, tacos, cooked plates and incredible poke bowls. If you like seafood then this has to be your first stop in Phoenix. 

The vibe is unique too described as a high quality fast-casual fresh fish market & restaurant. As the name says it is also a fish market where you can go in and buy fresh fish or their incredible smoked fish and beyond!

Best seafood restaurant in Phoenix

Don’t just take my word for it! The Food Network ranked Chula as the #1 restaurant in Phoenix and the best burrito in the country!

It also is continuously ranked as the top seafood spot and one of the top restaurants in Phoenix New Times, AZ Central and Phoenix Mag.

10. Duck and Decanter – Best Deli

Price: $$

Best Restaurants in Phoenix Duck & Decanter

I am going to throw you off with this one but it counts and is the best sandwich in town. My heart will forever be with Duck & Decanter and this family.

If you want my favorite sandwich in town, go to the family owned and operated Duck and Decanter who sources all of their ingredients locally.

I’m not even one of “those people”  who just talks about eating local and non-GMO but it also has all of that here as well!

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

They had to close their downtown location by my work due to increasing rent. So a story to vouch for them more than anything… I hadn’t eaten there for two years, when I worked downtown at their location down there.

I came across their main location in midtown Phoenix year laste. I actually called in my order ahead over the phone.

I walked in and the staff goes “wow, I hadn’t seen that order in a while”… they remembered my order! Two+ years later! And the owner said “nice seeing you again.”

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

On saturdays they also have live music outside, which is packed! They also have coffee, snacks, cheese, vegetables and more for a true full deli and convenience store experience.

If you need one last sell… well I have it… they give you free taffy and pickles! My favorite food is pickles and they just give you as many as you want, fo free!

There are so many must haves on the menu and I always love a basic turkey and ham but on pita bread!

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

11. T. Cooks |  Best Mediterranean 

Price: $$$$

T Cooks best restaurant Phoenix

Situated next to Camelback Mountain in the beautiful lush setting of Royal Palms Resort and Spa is another amazing fine dining spot. T. Cooks separates itself with the flair of the Mediterranean and tastes of Italy, Greece and Spain.

T Cooks best restaurant Phoenix

Award winning T. Cooks is perfect with high vaulted ceilings, heated patios and also a couple of fireplaces on the grounds. This place is a win whether with the family or a special someone.

After your perfect dinner you can go to the bar or even order drinks from your server and go lounge around the grounds next to their fireplaces, games grounds or fountains.

T Cooks best restaurant Phoenix

It is pricey of course but if going to splurge make sure it is here or somewhere on this list. The menu is ever evolving but be sure to order some things you might not normally get at other upscale restaurants.

12. Mekong Plaza Food Hall  – Best Authentic Experience

Price: $$

Mekong Plaza is one in a million in Arizona as you go from being in Mesa to all of the sudden transported to an Asian market.

You absolutely have to visit this unique and incredible place where you have a plethora of eccentric Asian restaurants. 

Best places to eat in Phoenix

Here you will find some of the best Asian restaurants in town from the Happy Bao’s dumplings, which are arguably the best in town, to Ramen, Pho, all Vietnamese, Chinese, Ice Cream, Filipino and some delightful Taiwanese hot pot at Tasty Pot.

It is AZ’s biggest hub for Asian-owned restaurants and they are every expanding with another 35,000 square feet and 12+ more restaurants to be added.

best restaurants in Phoenix 11

13. El Chorro – Incredible Fine Dining & Views

Price: $$$$

El Chorro is arguably one of the best fine dining restaurants in town and is a Phoenix staple.

Best outdoor restaurant in Phoenix

The food is exceptional and you have to be on the patio with the silhouette of Camelback as your backdrop. It’s definitely a great date night so if you are going to spend money in Phoenix it’s one of the best choices.

Some places in town offer a view but the food doesn’t matchup, however here the food is just as good as the setting making it worth every penny. 

Best outdoor restaurant in Phoenix

El Chorro is also a great place for an event or a wedding if you are looking.

14. Harvey’s Wine Burger – Best Burger

Price: $$

This no frills dive bar is also home to the best burger in Phoenix. With multiple burger options to choose from, great wings and cheap drinks, this might be your new favorite place in town if that is your vibe.

best burger in Phoenix

It often can have a wait so be sure to not come starving. It also depends who is on the grill so can be a little hit and miss… so if you go once and it isn’t absolutely amazing… try one more time.

Other best burgers in town are Randizzle’s Food Truck & The Attic.

best burger in Phoenix

15. Kasai Asian Grill – Best For Groups & Hibachi/Teppanyaki

Price: $$-$$$

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

I have had 100 people visit me from out of town and 100 people have loved this place. It is a nicer looking and better atmosphere version of Benihana with great sushi as well.

Honestly, you come here and can pay $25-35 for a four-course meal with entertainment the whole time. Soup, salad, pick your choice of meat or seafood along with rice and vegetables and then a scoop of gelato for dessert.

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

This is the most cost efficient place to eat on the list and a great spot for families, friends or date nights! You of course have to do the Teppanyaki when you visit a 4-course meal for under $30, can’t go wrong!

16. Barrio Queen – Best Authentic Mexican Food

Price: $$$

Some of the best authentic Mexican food in town and everything is just so good. Their chips are perfect, their salsa is perfect, the quesadillas, margaritas, enchiladas, and truly everything is so tasty.

They even have the 2nd best salad on earth behind the Chopped Salad from Citizen/Gladly.

Barrio Queen Best Restaurants In Phoenix Barrio Queen

They don’t take reservations so be aware the wait could be a while during peak times at their main location in Old Town. They have since opened more locations so it has lost a bit of its unique lustre, but still great nonetheless. 

17. Lou’s Bar & Grill + Isabella’s Kitchen – Best Open-Air Restaurants on the Golf Course 

Price: $$$

Both of these places are incredible places for families and a casual lunch or dinner.

They both are set along the golf course with lots of space for the kids and Lou’s green space turns into a kids version of a dog park on the weekends.

Best places to eat in Phoenix

The food is solid golf course-fare and overall just great patios in a perfect setting.

18. SumoMaya – Best Trendy & Fusion

Price: $$$-$$$$

Best restaurants in Phoenix 2

This is a lot of people’s favorite spot and for good reason with great food and a perfect ambiance. It is one of the trendier places in town and a great concept of Mexican-Asian fusion.

It is the perfect spot for a dinner or drinks before you go out that night and it has one of the best brunches in town.

I would rate Sumo Maya and The Mission higher if the cost to amount of food ratio was better. 

Best restaurants in Phoenix 2

However, it is a great date night, pre-drink place, restaurant to be trendy and “seen” with tons of unique cocktail options.

It also has a tree in the middle of the restaurant to top it off. They are known for all of their interesting takes on guacamole so be sure to stock up on that and then mix and match some asian and mexican dishes.

19. Bobby Q On Camelback – Best BBQ In Phoenix

Price: $$-$$$

Arguably the best BBQ in town with some great atmosphere and well designed throughout. Sides are good, prices reasonable and everything you could ask for in a BBQ spot.

Best restaurants in Phoenix

It is again right on the cusp of fine-dining for a BBQ spot but worth it for the great overall experience and incredible quality of food. The three meat combo is a great way to get a little of everything and be sure to get their mac-n-cheese.

Arguably another equal or some people say better BBQ spot is Little Miss BBQ, so check that out if you have not yet.

20. The Mission – Best High End Mexican Food

Price: $$$$

This is a local favorite for upscale Mexican dining. It is a great spot though with a incredible ambiance.

mission restaurant scottsdale arizona

Their drink menu is also one of my favorite in town, they have so many latin american options like pisco, carajillos, caipirinha and all else if you want to reminisce on some travels! 

It is unique as well as it is somewhat fine dining Mexican food with great dark mood and the table side guacamole is a must have. Your guacamole curator comes to your table and asks you exactly how you want it while mixing it to your perfect taste.

While they have great entrees, going family style with their appetizers and tacos is an amazing way to go about your meal here.

This is a perfect place for dates, friends dinner, family in town and really anything. The presentation of their food is also great, it really takes things to the next level! Next update I think I am moving this restaurant back up the list.

mission restaurant scottsdale arizona best mexican food

21. d’Lite – Healthy On The Go – Best Quick Food

Price: $$

Two words, Breakfast Buzz. This my favorite smoothie in the entire world. Personally I was never a huge fan of coffee, peanut butter or bananas but their fusion of them all and some chocolate is absolutely unreal!

It is so hard to eat healthy and this place offers you a great option to eat healthy and fast! They have a ton of amazing breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and smoothies you have to try!

My personal favorite is the Turkey Club, adding pepperoncinis and then order a breakfast buzz to top it off. 

Best Restaurants in Phoenix D'Lite

This is another magical small lunch restaurant with breakfast served all day!  The only issues we ever had with d’Lite was that they closed so early but now they have started opening their hours!

d’Lite has a ton of locations as well as they continue to get extremely popular and becoming one of the favorite restaurants for everyone. Their customer service is also amazing if you ever have any issues!

22. The Henry – Best Phoenix Local Chain

Price: $$$

I’d be remiss if I left out at least one of the Phoenix centric and renowned Fox Concepts restaurants. All Fox Concept restaurants are perfect for any occasion with a trendy environment and quality food.

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

The Henry is the flagship where HQ is located and is a great spot for dinner, lunch and a hot spot for brunch. The Henry has an eclectic menu so be sure to mix things up and try something new!

23. Taco Guild – Unique Building

Price: $$-$$$

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

Picking a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix is impossible as really it’s a tie between here, The Mission and Barrio Queen.

Taco Guild is a great option because The Mission is a lot more expensive and Barrio Queen doesn’t have as unique of a layout and atmosphere. However, you will love any of those three.

Best restaurants in Phoenix & Scottsdale Best Mexican Restaurants

What makes Taco Guild great is the setting in a 125 year-old church which is the oldest standing church in Phoenix… well it’s not longer a church but you get it.

Best restaurants in Phoenix & Scottsdale Best Mexican Restaurants

They have amazing craft cocktails as well as a ton of fun taco options. If you are visiting or live here but hosting people in town, this is a win!

24. The Churchill

Price: $$-$$$

This is a new addition to the list as it is just such a unique place and being open-air makes it absolutely perfect for Arizona. The food is not anything crazy but it is great bar food and the atmosphere just puts it over the top.

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

If you love Arizona’s Famous Chopped Salad… surprise, you can also get that here! Right when you walk up you already love the ambiance with the container-architecture concept and being situated in an area of amazing gentrification in downtown Phoenix.

Inside you will find multiple bars and different restaurants all serving their own unique fare. What is even better is this is a great spot to begin the night, eat some food and then round the corner to Cobra!Best Restaurants In Phoenix

The Churchill is also a great concept for the local economy and local businesses, per their website: The Churchill is home to ten small local businesses, mixing established operators with start-up entrepreneurs.

All of the businesses residing in The Churchill focus their efforts on collaboration over competition, finding ways to benefit each other.

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

Honorable Mentions

Randizzle’s Food Truck is arguably my favorite burger in town so if you ever see Randy’s food truck be sure to stop by it!

Glai Baan is often mentioned as the best Thai restaurant in town, it just can be hard to get a table with long waits because of it.

Cafe Monarch is considered one of the best upscale restaurants in town but is a prixe fix menu that might not be affordable for all readers.

Lom Wong is another really unique Thai restaurant owned by a Thai cook whose aim is to offer food options from all regions of her native Thailand.

Christopher’s At the Wrigley Mansion is known to be one of the premier prix fixe tasting menus starting at $275+.

El Caprichoso Hot Dogs where you of course have to try a Sonoran dog when in Phoenix.

Fry Bread House is a unique place to sample some of the local indigenous fare with stews, tamales, fry bread and it is even a James Bear classic winner.

Matt’s Big Breakfast is also a Phoenix staple if you are looking for a great n0-frills breakfast spot.

Belly is another great Asian fusion spot great for something different.

Tacos Chiwas is known for being arguably the best tacos in town!

Gen Korean BBQ House

Price: $$$

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

While this is a chain it has to be included because Korean BBQ is the best! If you haven’t tried Korean BBQ you are absolutely missing out! If you love asian food then this is a must as it is all-you-can-eat and the only rule is you have to eat all of what you order!

Sounds almost too good to be true right? It is like teppanyaki/hibachi but you do it yourself.

Gen is a ton of fun and you get absolutely stuffed here with the tastiest food. If this place didn’t have such absurd wait times it would move up higher on the list. Order as much as you can and try all the different things on the menu to get all the bang for your buck!


Price: $$$

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

Ocotillo is a terrific outdoor space with pretty good food and a solid menu overall. If looking to mix it up or find a good spot for lunch and drinks outside this is a great little spot. There is even a fire pit and expansive outdoor space for the family or a nice night out.

The Gladly

Price: $$$-$$$$

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

Maybe my favorite casually fine dining place in Phoenix. It has the famous Arizona State’s Official Chopped Salad as well as the best mac n cheese in Phoenix with their relish. It is a great mix of fancy and casual, of which the fair prices indicate.

The Attic

Price: $$$

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

Best atmosphere to burger combo with really good wine and drink prices. Check out their sunday bottle of wine specials and overall atmosphere is great. See if you can get a spot next to the fire and you might not leave all night.


Price: $$$$

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

Situated at the stunning Montelucia get a spot on the patio for a great fine dining meal with amazing scenery and landscaping. There is some great patio seating as well as a nice indoors. After dinner take a drink to go and sit by the fountain.

Culinary Dropout – The Yard

Price: $$-$$$

Best Restaurants In Phoenix

A couple locations and a great spot with good food, drinks and games like cornhole/bags, ping pong etc throughout the venue. They have the famous pretzel fondue, which is a must try. It is Fox Restaurant concept and you surely need to try as many of them as you can.

Overrated Places

Pizzeria Bianco

1-3 hour wait, designer pizza and it’s one of those “oh we don’t serve ranch” places. Call me crazy but growing up that didn’t seem like the type of pizza place I dreamed about. I’m overall not a huge fan of “fancy” pizza so it could be your thing, just not for me… I also don’t wait for hours to eat, I get hangry.

Mastro’s City Hall

This place isn’t about the food and it’s about the social verification. I have been there three times and the $$$$ steak is far from best i’ve had and the sides often taste like burnt. The people are normally Scottsdale bougiest where you’ll see lots of plastic surgery and “sponsored” dates.

I love fine dining, just go to T. Cooks or El Chorro if you want something less plastic. “But the butter cake”… stop it. You just wanted to tag yourself that you were there even though you just went for dessert.

Different Pointe Of View

While the view is spectacular… it has honestly been my least favorite meal the two times I have been there. It could just be me but I have heard this from other people as well. When you go to spend $200+ on a meal you expect the best, not the worst :(.

Best Restaurants In Phoenix


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14 thoughts on “23 Best Restaurants in Phoenix & Scottsdale”

  1. I enjoyed reading most of your reviews on the better resturants .Writen straight forward with good reasoning.I have to say I got a kick out of the not so great fancy pizzeria.That doesnt have Ranch! Im with you as I love ranch on ether my wings or pizzza.Since its not just for the celery anymore.Just as I perfer the typical type pizza.That comes from only two well known citys. Even though I do like both.Im slightly a leaner for the midwestern pizza.The best of that type Ive had here is a small place on like 7th st and bethany or camelback I believe.Excellent pizza at a reasonable price.Now I plan to try Bobby q out for the babyback ribs.It was a pleasure reading you reviws thanks have a great day. Randy

  2. SumoMaya is one of my go to’s! The environment is on point and my favorite part about it is they have a bottomless brunch on weekends where you can have unlimited appetizers, 1 entree, and unlimited desserts! I also highly recommend Bobby Qs if you are looking for the best BBQ in the Phoenix area!

  3. Whenever my friends and I can’t decide where to eat I pull up this list of amazing restaurants you put together. Taco guild, duck and decanter and the Henry are my favorites! Thanks for posting these reviews! They’ve been helpful.

    1. Fraser Inspires

      Thanks so much for the kinds words! Yes, definitely some amazing spots, next hangover go to Dick’s Hideaway!

  4. Great line-up of Phoenix restaurants! More than half are already personal favorites and hidden gems like Dick’s Hideaway. I’ll have to give the other half a try. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  5. This is an amazing list and I can’t wait to try some of these for when I go. Thank you for all the information!

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