Best 6 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise

Raise your hand if you’ve touched the couch after work and never got back up? Maybe you haven’t worked out in forever and don’t feel like you can get from being out of shape to a gym regular and you get overwhelmed giving up before you started.

If that’s the case just remember the only way to eat an elephant… one bite at a time. Working out feels great once you get going but sometimes it is near impossible to get there… especially the second you hit that couch after work or the snooze button in the morning.

With that said, rule 1a is don’t sit on the couch after work or you’re already down 50%. Working out in the morning or after a long day is a hard task for everyone and even more-so if you are just getting back into the swing of things. 

It is great once you get going and start to see some changes but starting out can be pretty tough to get going. Even the healthiest people have hard weeks and in this day and age finding time to workout makes it even harder!

Below are some amazing ways to get off the couch and get yourself going. Even little mental tricks or wins can be that extra push you need to start getting to the gym more regularly. If you are feeling overall stagnant in life and not just the gym then here are some great tips like click here for the 5 amazing ways to get out of the dumps or click here for 5 great ways to be successful.

Set A Goal & Track Progression

This is pretty straightforward, however similar to being successful in anything you need to have a clearly defined goal to aspire to. Examples of goals could be to run 15 miles a week, training for a race you just signed up for, hiking a mountain you’ve always wanted to, losing 5 pounds, tracking your steps or boosting how much weight you lift.

Goal setting can be the difference from what makes you motivate yourself and excel vs. just go through motions and never really improving. Be sure to track your progress so that you can get the confidence boost and feelings of accomplishment as you work towards your goals.

Any little wins in your mind can boost you to keep going and push even further. Heck on vacation, I work out first thing in the morning so I don’t feel bad doing nothing but laying in the sun, eating bad food and drinking frozen drinks all day.

Buy New Gear Or Reward Yourself

Remember when you were a kid and thought your new shoes made you run faster? Well giving yourself that little confident boost or excitement to use your new toys can be the extra oomph you need to get off the couch and test out your new gear.

For example get yourself new hiking shoes, pre-workout mix, yoga mat or running tights… invest a little to invest in your body. On that note, be sure to reward yourself for doing so well. Maybe it’s splurging a little more on smoothies or fruit or allowing yourself more relax time since you put your work in and feel more accomplished for the day.

New Music

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Every scientific study on this subject has shown that listening to music vastly increases your workouts and effort levels. Near the end of the work day I love to get on spotify or any music search and start trying to find new music or the latest songs from the top 100 I haven’t heard.

Once I find the songs I love I don’t listen to them again until I start working out so 1. I reward myself and 2. I get that extra excited energy boost at the gym.

Get a Trainer Or Workout Squad

A trainer is great as they have everything lined out for you, all workouts set, track your progress and push you to go further than you think you can. Workout partners similarly can be there to pick you up, make sure you leave your house, that you are running as long as you should be or making sure you did all the reps you need to in order to progress.

These buddies can also be helpful emotionally with celebrations of goals, high-fives, smiles and just bonding all getting together for your runs, hikes or yoga classes. There’s a squad out there for everyone so get out there and find or start your tribe. The same goes for joining a team sport, it can be fun to get outdoors and play sports with new or old friends.

Join a nicer gym

Not much gets you going like spending money on something that you want to get full value out of. Get that gym or pilates membership as a daily reminder that you are losing money if you don’t get your butt off the couch.

Even checkout Groupon and purchase a cheap monthly yoga membership to get you going. To take this a step further, join a more expensive gym.

Sometimes the older gyms that are too busy with poor equipment can have the opposite effect over time building up a barrier from you going. You don’t want to feel like “Oh it’s 6pm now, it will be too busy” or maybe you love swimming or basketball but your gym doesn’t have either options.

Join a place that makes you excited to go as well as costs a little more to make sure you actually go there. Ask yourself what’s more important, $20 extra a month or being excited and comfortable getting to the gym 5-10 more times each month?

Search For A New Adventure

Thanks to social media we have access to see all of these hidden adventure places in our area. Set out a day and go on that adventure hike or walk and explore.

The best part is you may not even notices the workout you are getting since you are stimulated so much with the sense of adventure and seeing something new. Get outdoors and create your own fun.

Hopefully these tips helped and I would love to know your ideas in the comment section below for version 2.0!


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  1. Yes yes yes! First tip “set a goal” is what I live by. Once I put in my mind a goal it makes working out a lot more fun. I love to challenge and push myself and I think it’s very important to know what the end results you are hoping to achieve are.

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