10 Best Bars In Scottsdale

If you are looking for the best bars in Scottsdale you came to the perfect place.

As a local I have visited each of these places countless times and whether you want the best trendy bar in Scottsdale, the best dive bar in Scottsdale, the best country bar or anything in between… I have you covered.

Scottsdale is now synonymous with nightlife as well as bachelor & bachelorette parties. With year-round nice weather, pool bars and three major universities nearby, it is the perfect storm for young people and creating the best party.

best bars in Scottsdale

Scottsdale has some good bars for all types of people whether you want country bars, wine bars, dive bars and pool bars! If you want a fun bar, Scottsdale has some of the best options for you no matter what your taste.

Old Town Scottsdale is also known and basically created Sunday Funday! If you want a great time then cruise around old town on a Sunday bar hopping to everything in “the vortex.”

You will go into the vortex for one drink and not come out for 8 hours. Old Town in Scottsdale truly is one of the best strips of bars in the entire country.

See our podcast here for the 10 best bachelor & bachelorette party locations.

Coach House

Best bars in Phoenix and Scottsdale Coach House

Is a Scottsdale favorite and arguably the best bar in Scottsdale! What even seemed like just a local spot 5 years ago is now a mecca for tourists, especially over the holidays.

Couch House has gotten so popular they now open up the parking lot over the holidays, fence it off and have a stage with outside seating and a huge patio.

As you can tell by now the decorations are festive and over the holidays it is absolutely a mainstay for locals to stop in to kick off the start of the holiday season. With cheaper than standard Scottsdale prices it makes it even better!

Coach House is probably the most well known dive bar in all of Phoenix, let alone Scottsdale. If you come visit be sure to grab a drink to check it off your list. Be careful over the holidays though as lineups on the weekend nights will be enormous waits!

Toca Madera

This might be the bachelorette capital of Scottsdale. This trendy, upscale LA restobar is the most popular place in town. While the food leaves a little to be desired, there is no better trendy ambiance, food & drink presentation and pre-night out spot in town.

best bar in Scottsdale

Don’t take my word for it… just go. It is pricier but they make great cocktails, shots on fire, have fire dancers and other unique entertainment. You will want to make a reservation far in advance as it books up and there isn’t always room to just walk up to the bar.

I hate to say this ridiculous phrase but it is currently the place to “be seen” in Scottsdale. 

Jade Bar At Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

If you want a romantic elegant place then this is the spot in Scottsdale. It is a fancy cocktail bar located on camelback mountain and is a perfect place for drinks over sunset.

Jade Bar has some great mixologists and an amazing menu for craft cocktails while taking in the view and ambiance. There will often be some live music inside or you can sit outside on the patio and curl up under a blanket.

Jade Bar Best Bars In Scottsdale

This is the best place for a date night but be prepared to spend some cash as it isn’t cheap. The restaurant is also incredible so feel free to get dinner first and then head into the bar after.

Maya Day & Nightclub | The District

Best bars in Scottsdale Maya Day & Nightclub

Maya Day & Nightclub is connected to The District and both combine for a perfect bar. During the summer Maya is the pool party in Old Town and where chaos ensues. Most all bachelor and bachelorette parties spend a day here taking in arguably the best pool parties in Phoenix.

best bars in Scottsdale

In the winter Maya covers up the pool and transforms into a clubhouse with social games and a perfect tiki patio vibe. The nightclub is chaos in the summer and a nice chill games spot in the winter. While The District is always consistent as a bar by day and nightclub by night.

Buffalo Chip

While not in Scottsdale, Buffalo Chip is just 10-15 minutes North of North Scottsdale and 30 minutes from Old Town. 

Buffalo Chip Cave Creek Scottsdale Phoenix Tempe Best Bars Top Clubs

This has to be included as it not only is the best bar in Arizona but also the best bar in the country. Don’t believe me, listen to this podcast.

Cala Scottsdale

Cala is a extremely close second behind Toca Madera for the trendiest bar in Scottsdale. This upscale restobar is another perfect place to have your pre-night out drinks and enjoy the people watching.

best bars in Scottsdale cala

Another great spot for Bachelor & Bachelorette parties and is another place for a good cocktail and where the Scottsdale socialite crowd hangs. You definitely need to add this place to your list if visiting.

Blue Martini

A little bit on the older side this is affectionately known as a cougar den due to the amount of beautiful people over the age of 30 & 40. With North Scottsdale being known for a lot of money, it brings out a lot of those locals being one of the few good bars up in the area.

Best Bars In Scottsdale Blue Martini

If you find yourself up in North Scottsdale then it is a great place to go and often has live music. It has a great ambiance and you won’t be upset spending a few hours in there.

Rusty Spur Saloon

Best bars in Phoenix and Scottsdale Rusty Spur Saloon

Rusty Spur saloon is an awesome country dive bar off beaten track in old town Scottsdale. With cheap drinks, country music and a dive bar type feel it is the perfect chill spot to go to in the area.

If you love country music and don’t want the Old Town feel of Whiskey Row then you definitely have to visit Rust Spur. It is hard to find a true country bar these days in town so definitely check this place out.

Bottled Blonde

Bottled Blonde is arguably the best club in all of Scottsdale and Phoenix. It has been a mainstay in Old Town and is always the most packed and most sought after bar to get into. 

If you want a great party and nightclub, Bottled Blonde is where to go. Music is top 40 type music with a mix of hip-hop and edm. They do serve food too but no one goes there for the food. Be sure to make this on your list as a place to go when visiting as it is a great spot.

Boondocks Patio & Grill 

If you are looking for a hybrid of a dive bar and old town club then Boondocks is your spot. It is a perfect way to go to Old Town without really going to “Old Town.” Boondocks might have the best patio in all of Phoenix as it is huge with bars on each side of it.

Boondocks Best Bars In Scottsdale

There are pool tables inside with bars in there and then of course the large open area with tables and the best place for a drink on the patio. Boondocks is also a Vikings bar and a great place to watch football games with their giant patio.

Second Story Restaurant & Liquor Bar

Second story is a great romantic date night spot. With an incredible craft cocktail list, giant wine list and some small plates for food it is a must visit for the night out with that special someone.

Second story restaurant & liquor bar best bars scottsdale

Honorable Mentions

The Montauk

Another great trendy spot but a more casual version of Toca & Cala. This also is a great place for brunch.

best bars in Scottsdale

Again another place full of scottsdale socialites but much more chill and relaxed. You can go in dressed in your casual attire although do expect to see people dressed up a little more.

They also have a few TVs as well, which is nice for those maybe always wanting to catch some games while there.

The W

The W Best Bars In Scottsdale
Photo courtesy of Spellbound Entertainment Group

As with Ws all around the world, it is a great spot for drinks. Whether you want the great pool party or the stylish bar downstairs, you won’t be disappointed. 

Riot House

Riot House Best Bars In Scottsdale

Owned by the same company as El Hefe, Riot House is the newer kid in the block and is a great place to go in if you wanted a change from Bottled Blonde or The District.

Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row Best Bars In Scottsdale

Whiskey Row used to be pretty straight country but not mixes in a little bit of top 40 music. With that said, it still is an amazing bar and country themed! You might not see more bachelorette parties outside of Nashville!

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