Arizona Luxury, Private & Customized Tour Guide | Adventures, Restaurants, Hikes, Wineries & More Await

Inspire Travel Eat Tours are the ultimate Arizona private adventure experiences curated specifically for you!

ITE Tours is a tour guide & travel agent all in one, just tell us your ideal adventure trip then just sit back and have the perfect day cultivated for you.

Email [email protected] to book.


ITE Tours are intimate trips created for just 1-8 people in your group and your group only.

Click here for our 15 Best Hikes in Arizona to see what could be possible!

West Clear Creek Wilderness Trailhead Tramway Trail Hanging Gardens hike 80

No stress, no planning… just tell us your perfect day of adventures, food & drink and we take it from there.

Your host & guide Fraser Laveay has been a host on a travel segment on the news for years, has a travel podcast with 10s of thousands of listeners and travel website has 100,000+ monthly readers.

Imagine a patio breakfast with stunning views, followed by one of the best hikes in the country, lunch with a view, another beautiful hike and then off to hop wineries.

Or maybe you just want one hike and then to go eat at the best restaurant in town followed up by drinks on a patio overlooking the perfect setting.

Whatever you are looking for, ITE Tours will make it so.

Why ITE Tours?

As mentioned, your host Fraser Laveay is an Arizona adventure, restaurant and nightlife expert. 

Fraser has been featured on the news countless times, has over 100 articles written on Arizona, has hiked every top hike in AZ multiple times, has a wildly popular travel podcast and 100,000+ monthly readers on the ITE travel and food blog.

Fraser has 20+ years in the hosting, events, travel & tour field so be assured you are with a professional who has done it all.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

You will have a great time with the part-time comedian but if you also just want some music and quiet then totally fine as well.

You will also have your very own photographer and social media content maker!

Along the way you will get all the photo & video content you could ask for. You will get tons of amazing photos from your trip and we will even make you a video Reel from your trip.

How ITE Tours Work

Typically tours will be a full-day tour or two-day tour but of course this is your trip, if you want multiple days then we can make it happen.

It starts with call with Fraser to discuss where you want to go, what things you want to see, the level of hikes you would like, time you have available and of course what kind of food, restaurants and apres you are looking for.

Your entire trip will be planned for you, you will be picked up from hotel/airport in a luxury vehicle and your adventure awaits.

Best Wineries in Sedona

Trust & Safety

Be assured you are in good hands with your time and money as ITE also runs a charity for lower-income and at-risk youth in Arizona and around the world. 

Each year ITE feeds & clothes countless numbers of kids as well as providing sports scholarships. event experiences and builds soccer & basketball courts around the world! For more see or on Instagram here CYS Instagram.

Trip Types

ITE Tours are adventure tours where we take you on your private customized adventure from start to finish. We specialize in taking you hiking, eating great food and the best apres adventure spot for you.

If you want intense hikes, easy hikes, waterfalls, views, all is possible as we curate the perfect day/s for you.

Our trips are not about botany or history or geology, our goal is to purely plan your trip for you and create the absolute perfect itinerary for what you want to do and then take you on one of the best adventures you will ever have!

Fossil Springs and Waterfall along the Bob Bear Trail Hike

While can of course give you advice for flights and where to stay at your home base before the trip, but all of that will be booked by you.

ITE’s tours begin on the day your tour starts and hosts you for that 1+ day adventure.

Where Do ITE Tours Go?

ITE is based in Phoenix, thus for one-day tours, Sedona, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Payson, Tonto National Forest Gems and some other nearby waterfalls and hikes are ideal.

However, the Grand Canyon, Page with Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon, Tucson, Flagstaff, Big Bear Mountain in CA and Zion in Utah are all options if wanting to do multiple day tours.

15 Best Hikes In Arizona

We can discuss your length of time and goals on the intro call to plan the best trip possible. Keep in mind, some places do require permits very far in advance so we will adjust per what is available.

See our article here on the best hikes in Arizona to get excited or brainstorm!


You will be taken around in a 2022 BMW X5 with max occupancy of 4 guests. However, if your group is larger we will rent a luxury SUV (Tahoe/Suburban) to accommodate more guests.

Sedona and Arizona Tour Guide


This is a luxury, private and customized travel agent & tour guide experience, thus you get what you pay for. You will have your guide for the entire day or multiple days pending what you want to do.

Page Arizona Horeshoe Canyon Best Things To Do

For comparison of other tours:

  • A group 2-hour Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona is $150+ per person… for 2 hours in Sedona in a giant group.
  • A group half-day sightseeing tour with Scenic Sedona Tours is $130+ per person. This is just to be driven to popular lookouts and a market with a large group of other people.

ITE Tours takes you for the entire day from your hotel in Phoenix (or wherever you are) to your adventure for the entire day as well as plans the trip for you.

ITE Per Day Charges: $1,200 Total for 1-3 people and then an additional $250 per guest beyond 3 guests.

If you have more in your group we can rent a larger luxury SUV to accommodate up to 8 people. The cost of renting the vehicle will be passed on the customer and added to the tour cost. 

All food at restaurants is paid by guest. ITE Tours will supply water and granola bars for your trip but then all meals, drinks etc are paid by guest.

No tipping your guide is necessary, just your tour cost.

50% will be due post planning call with the remainder due 3 weeks prior to tour. Deposit & remainder are not refundable due to planning and time block reserved and set aside for your tour.

Zion Bucket List Angel's Landing Hike Trail Best Hike In Zion 16

Overnight Trips

If you wish to do a 2-day or 3-day trip we will find the best hotel for your wishes and budget on our planning call.

The hotel cost will be paid for by the guest as well as a room night at hotel for your guide (max $300, will stay elsewhere if you are staying at $1,000 per night Enchantment etc). No hotel needed if it is a Phoenix/Scottsdale tour.

Each day with the tour guide will incur the Per Day cost mentioned above.

What is Included in Cost

  • Customized Trip planning
  • Tour guide & host for entire day
  • Transportation day/s of your trip (unless more than 4 people and we need to rent a larger vehicle)
  • Social media content including video reel
  • Water with custom ITE water bottle & granola bars

Book Tour

To start your tour email [email protected] to schedule a call and get started! Feel free to ask any questions and mention any ideals for your trip in your email as well.

Your intro call is free but deposit due post intro call if you wish to go forward and we start planning your trip.

*Note: Some places like Havasupai Falls & The Wave passes are lotteries or very hard, so tours to certain places might not be possible.

Socials & Videos

IG: @InspireTravelEat | Facebook Profile  | ITE Travel Podcast | Tik Tok | Youtube | Change Your Stars Foundation Instagram


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Hola! I’m Fraser & this site is a guide to help you reach your goals, travel the world and create amazing food in between. Get inspiration for travel, recipes & to follow your dreams.

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  1. OH MY! This was the best trip our family has ever had. Fraser took the 4 of us around to some incredible swimming holes, great restaurants and was the best day ever. Our kids were beat by the end of it and slept the whole ride home.
    We got some of the best pictures and memories! Fraser picked us up from our hotel in Scottsdale in a BMQ SUV and went on a couple of great hikes in Sedona, had an amazing brunch and dinner!

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