6 Reasons To Collect Memories Not Things: The Time To Travel Is Now

Collect memories, not things… It’s an overused phrase these days but it’s so true. Keeping up with the Jones’ has turned everyone into a zombie trying to make more money to improve their house, car and other material things.

In today’s on-to-the-next consumerist society, we often find ourselves seeking happiness through the acquisition of material vs. treasuring meaningful experiences that can create lasting memories.

From fostering personal growth and building stronger connections to finding true fulfillment, there are a plethora of reasons you should be looking to get outside and be alive vs. working just to live.

Many/all of us compare ourselves to others and want what we see on social media vs. being happy with what we have and personal growth.

We have our head down working for the goal of money… but money is always going to be there. There is always going to be someone with more of it, with nicer things and whose life appears “better” on the outside.

10 reasons to collect memories not things

“Get busy living or get busy dying” – The Shawshank Redemption

Our new world has made us work so much with our heads down but we never look up to appreciate what we have or live in the now.

If you haven’t travelled then the time is now… stop worrying about having the nicest car, a new TV or material things and sacrifice a little comfort to build stories that can never be taken away.

Without further ado, here are 6 important reasons to travel & start making some true memories & living outside the box.

When Will Another “Covid” Take Your Time Away From You?

If nothing else, Covid taught us life is so short and time can just be taken away like that. Imagine people who passed from just old age or non-covid related things and their last year on the earth was stuck inside not being around anyone.

You can’t plan things will just always be there are and you can do that trip you want to do next year…

And with that said.

Life is short: 55 Million People Pass Away Each Year, 7,500+ each day in the USA

This is a little morbid but it’s too true, especially if you live in the USA. A person in the USA dies every 12 seconds and there are 400+ accidental deaths per day… just accidental deaths alone!

There are also 8 million mental health deaths per year in the world! Point being, tomorrow isn’t promised so start doing what makes you happy!

“It’s kind of crazy to spend your life painting, if you’re painting something you don’t want to look at.” – Warren Buffett

While Millenials get a lot of flack, I will agree that the pressure on them is like no other generation. While white-collar jobs are seen as cushy they also come with more pressure and salaries that demand extreme hours to “keep up.”

People are hating their job more than ever and depression is at an all-time high. It’s time to stop chasing making money, start doing what you enjoy and chase experiencing the world!

The World Is Big, See It Before It Gets Small

10 reasons to collect memories not things

In 2004 I was told a piece of advice that took me 5-10 years to fully understand.

I was told to go travel to places that won’t always be the same as they are today. This stuck with me as I didn’t really know what it meant and the person wouldn’t elaborate.

I have now interpreted it as to go see parts of the world that are less touristy before they become overrun with people and “Americanized.”

For instance I focus more on Latin America and Southeast Asia, which has more opportunity to change quickly vs. going to Paris or London, which while they will change still will always be pretty similar.

The cities will be large, they will be pretty and they aren’t going anywhere. 

Everywhere is becoming overrun so definitely try to see where isn’t ovverun before it is too late.

People are dying on Mt. Everest because of long wait times at the top and to get back down! People are dying for Mt. Everest selfies! This is a thing! Google it!

Machu Picchu in Peru has now started a ticketing system due to the amount of visitors as have countless amazing parks that never used to.

10 reasons to collect memories not things

Thailand tourism is 10-fold what it was 10 years ago and getting over-saturated with tourists and more “americanized” by the day. Instead of Thailand go checkout Laos or Vietnam.

Vietnam is a hidden gem where the motto is “go there, take pictures, be in awe, love every second, tell no one.” 

“Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves and the preciousness of this present moment.” – L.M. Browning.

While I love social media for many reasons it is unfortunate that it is uncovering a ton of once secret gems. Less visited hidden spots are now becoming tour bus destinations and making peaceful areas now tourist meccas that are becoming far too busy… so get there before it is too late.

The Earth is also dying…

10 reasons to collect memories not things

Earth is corroding before our eyes. Whether or not you believe in Global Warming or not, you should believe that there are natural resources being wiped out at an alarming rate.

Animals are going extinct, cities are becoming too busy, we are expanding urban areas into nature consistently and there is a plastic patch in the Pacific Ocean that is 2x the size of Texas.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

With that all said… now is the time to go see as much as earth before humans kill more of it! If you think it is too expensive or you can’t make it happen then here are my top budget travel tips and tricks to get you traveling more!

Memories Last Forever & Can’t Be Taken Away

10 reasons to collect memories not things

No one tells stories from 10 years ago about car shopping for a new BMW. Also a million people have a BMW… no one else has your story or incredible memory.

There is so much good and maybe bad experiences you can have in the world but at the end of the day they are “experiences.” One of the main things I tell kids is to go experience life!

You may hate some things and you will love some things but you will never know until you try. That is a major reason you have to try so many courses in school so you can find out what you enjoy, are good at and maybe what you didn’t… but you will never know until you do it.

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”

My favorite stories are from getting lost in a ghetto of Chiang Mai, ending up in this soccer version of Rucker Park, with string light bulbs over 5 small soccer fields. We played for 6 hours not able to communicate to the other players, aside from communicating soccer.

Another favorite memory involved soccer where I was befriended by the Da Nang beach soccer team and played with them for a week, culminating with a goodbye dinner, which was nothing short of incredible.

They also went on to become Vietnam and Asia champs! Point being… go make memories… and not just regular “I had margaritas at a 5-star resort, look at my picture and be jealous” memories.

Travelling is Eye Opening and Life Changing 

10 reasons to collect memories not things

Travel will make you more understanding, more grateful and it literally will be life-altering.  It is time to experience a new culture, new mindset, get out of your community and comfort zone to see there’s another way to live.

Just because you were born in one type of family in one community in one religion doesn’t mean it is the only way. If you take the chance to immerse yourself in a new country the rewards will be endless, especially if that country is a third-world country.

10 reasons to collect memories not things

You will see some things you have never seen and the emotional rush you will get is unparalleled. Some of the sites you will see and the experiences will give you a full-body visceral reaction or a perma-smile and adrenaline pump like you have never had.

My jaw has been dropped multiple times for good and bad with things that will last with me forever and some that have changed me.

Whether it was; rounding the corner to a waterfall in New Zealand; seeing a small child in India covered in 50 flies sleeping on cardboard; walking up ruins in Belize; or walking the Choeung Ek Killing Field in Cambodia with tears in my eyes for over an hour reliving the genocide of millions in the 1970s; these are all things that a new TV or material item couldn’t have had the same impact on me… forever.

The point being you won’t get these feelings from VIP areas at a club, eating at a trendy steakhouse or buying the newest TV… and no one can ever take these memories from you.

10 reasons to collect memories not things

There may never be a tomorrow… leave that dead-end job to find something that truly lights a fire under you as you never know when you might never get that chance again.

I hope my ramblings made some sense and encourage you to keep traveling as much you can.

If you think money is the issue read here where I have travel tips and budget travel articles on the site so please check them out!


Hola! I’m Fraser & this site is a guide to help you reach your goals, travel the world and create amazing food in between. Get inspiration for travel, recipes & to follow your dreams.

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  1. You definitely have made me realize this. Love creating memories each and every day and think it is so much more important then collecting things. You don’t get the same moment twice. <3

  2. I think you and I would get along so well. Seriously. I stumbled across your site and I believe I have now read over half of your travel articles. This is so spot on and what has truly made me addicted to the adventure. Safe travels my friend. Salud!

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