5 Best Sedona Bars & Wineries

If you are looking for the best Sedona bars for a little apres post hiking, look no further as below will cover some picturesque places to have your next drink.

Over the last decade Sedona has not only been known for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its burgeoning food and beverage scene.

best bars in Sedona

Whether you want something that goes late into the night, a stunning winery, a brewery or a distillery with a view… Sedona has something for everyone.

While Sedona isn’t exactly a hot spot for nightlife, there are some great spots to grab a pint, a glass of wine or even an award winning bourbon from a distillery after a great day of hiking and sightseeing. 

Best restaurant in Sedona

Sedona not only has some amazing apres hike options but if you want some delightful restaurants see our article on the 12 best restaurants in Sedona here.

Best Bar Open Late in Sedona: Mooney’s Irish Pub

If you are looking for any sort of late night party in Sedona… there really is only one option and that is Mooney’s.

best bars in Sedona

Honestly, it is awesome, like a dive bar with a dance floor and cheap drinks!

Don’t go there expecting any frills… it truly is just a dive bar with a ski-hill vibe and a second room where they typically have a DJ late nights and a dance floor for anyone looking to get after it.

best bars in Sedona

It is nice and close to the main part of town, lots of locals in the industry go there after work and it is really the only place with anyone in it after 10pm.

Go for a Pint At Sedona’s Brewery: Oak Creek Brewing Company

For beer enthusiasts, the Oak Creek Brewing Company is a must-visit destination as it has a ton of awards for their brews.

beer at a brewery in sedona

This microbrewery is situated in the heart of Sedona in the charming shopping area of tlaquepaque. They take pride in producing high-quality craft beers and you can read about all of the awards in their menu.

Sample a flight of their signature brews while enjoying the rustic charm of their taproom. The brewery’s outdoor patio provides a perfect setting to bask in Sedona’s natural beauty as you savor your favorite beer.

brewery in sedona

From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, Oak Creek Brewing Company caters to a diverse range of beer preferences. 

I am nowhere near a beer connoisseur but their Gold Lager is one of the best beers I have ever had. 

Checkout An Award Winning Distillery With A View: Redwall Lounge

Redwall Lounge is such a unique cool place to visit. I can’t think of many distilleries with views as spectacular as the Sedona red rocks from their lounge.

best things to do in Sedona

Even if you aren’t a bourbon person, they do have a full bar and the open air concept and patio is definitely worth stopping by for a drink.

Their patio even has fireplaces, which just add to the ambiance even more so. They also will often have live music for your lounging pleasure on top of that.

best things to do in Sedona

Be sure to check it out and you can even buy your own bottle of their award winning bourbon on your way out. 

Visit One Of The best Wineries in the State: DA Ranch or Page Springs Cellars

Sedona not only is home to some of the best hiking in Arizona but also some of the best wineries.

Best Wineries in Sedona

No, it isn’t exactly Napa Valley but I absolutely love the wineries in Sedona. They are such a beautiful and unique addition to the area making the trip even more unique and special.

The grounds of both DA Ranch and Page Springs are stunning and not much better than doing their wine flights after a day of hiking.

best wineries in Sedona

You can read more about them and the other best wineries in Sedona here.

Visit A Wine Bar: Decanter Tasting Room

While not as unique as going to a winery itself… the tasting room is the next best thing if you already have done the wineries.

best bars in Sedona

Decanter will take you wine tasting around the world without ever having to leave Sedona and has some perfect snack pairings to go along with it.

The lounge decor is perfectly on point as it has such a warm and perfect wine tasting room feel.

Bonus: Restaurants with good lounges & bars

There are a ton of restaurants in Sedona that also have great bars and lounges inside that you can visit as well.

Best Restaurants Sedona

Some great options are The Hudson, Sound Bites Grill, Cowboy Club if you like country music and want a saloon feel, the vault has stunning views, Mariposa for a classy night out and SaltRock not only has a good bar but also a great patio with fire pits and more.

Other bars worth driving by to see if busy are PJ’s Village Pub and Sundowner but both have been pretty empty later when I have stopped by multiple times.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

If you are looking for a great place to stay, my favorite bang for your buck is The Wilde Resort & Spa. It has absolutely everything you could want in a resort but without the crazy costs of other resorts in the area.

For more info check out our full article on The Wilde Resort & Spa here.



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