12 Best Restaurants In Sedona: Dine with a View & Quintessential Eateries

If you are looking for the best restaurants and places to eat in Sedona you came to the right place.

From upscale eateries with panoramic views to quaint family restaurants serving locally-inspired dishes, Sedona’s culinary scene is as diverse as its landscapes.

Sedona Restaurants The Spot At Sevon Canyons

Here you will find authentic food to the Southwest as well as places where can you eat with an unreal view to soak in one of the prettiest towns in the country.

The goal of this article is to provide you with places that are quintessential to the area in terms of meny and then of course places with that view.

A perfect meal with a view of Sedona caps what surely was an amazing day hiking and sightseeing around town. 

best restaurants in Sedona

While food quality & taste is important, of course finding that perfect spot to eat and soak in Sedona views is just as necessary, so the list below tries to be a good mix of both!

Sedona also has amazing wineries! If you want to find the best wineries to visit when in Sedona then see our list here of the best 3 wineries in Sedona!

Best Wineries in Sedona

The restaurant ratings below are a mixture of things combining service, ambiance and the food. For example while Til Gavo maybe isn’t the absolute best food, it absolutely is one of the nicest locations to soak in Sedona while you eat.

With that said, hop around to a few places and no matter what, you will love each of the places below. If you love Sedona then see here for the Ultimate Sedona Bucket List: 14 Things You Must Do.

best restaurants in Sedona

Sure you can get good italian food in town but the best place doesn’t have much of a view. Thus, do something you can’t do at home, which is basically my entire travel philosophy. 

What Is The Best Sedona Restaurant With A View?

The Hudson & the restaurants in The Enchantment Resort take these honors. 

If you are looking for the best place to eat with a view then definitely visit one of those two. 

Best restaurants in Sedona with a view

1. Enchantment Resort – Take Your Pick from Tii Gavo or Che Ah Chi

Price: $$$-$$$$

I know, I cheated right off the bat by giving you 2 options. However, no matter what you do for food in Sedona, get to the Enchantment Resort and eat there, ideally during sunset.

They are a touch of fine dining in terms of cost but it is worth it.

Enchantment resort best sedona restaurants

If you are there on a date weekend then go at night and cuddle up on their couches with blankets & your own fire while sipping some great craft cocktails

Enchantment Resort is also the nicest hotel in Sedona but it is very expensive.

2. Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits – Best Quintessential Restaurant in Sedona

Price: $$$

Cowboy Club is one of the most quintessential wild west type restaurants in all of Arizona. It truly epitomizes the country and I absolutely love how unique their menu is.

best restaurant in Sedona

Formerly Oak Creek Tavern the Cowboy Club has been in that location since 1946. 50+ western movies were shot in the area and the place was filled with all of the great actors and actresses.

The atmosphere is perfect as well with country music playing, the old saloon feeling inside, great customer service and bartenders pouring some heavy drinks!

We have to dive into the menu as it is like no other place!

First the rattlesnake & jackrabbit sausage is some of the best I have ever had.

The Cactus Fries are fried cactus and incredible… then the prickly pear cactus sauce I used for everything, it was better than their terrific BBQ sauce.

Best restaurant in Sedona

They have elk chops, bison brochettes, bison chilli, bison burgers, bison pot roast, bison ribeye and bison filets!

They also have a lot of regular items as well for those who aren’t too adventurous such as hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and steaks.

Overall Cowboy Club is one of my favorite restaurants in Sedona and if it had the views it would be hands down #1 without question.

The restaurant has a great couple of patio options with some view though as well to take in your surroundings and people watch.

3. Elote Cafe – Best Mexican & Southwestern Cuisine

Price: $$$

Elote is arguably the best Mexican restaurant in the state let alone just in Sedona and it has a new location in the heart of town.

Best restaurant in Sedona

Chef Jeff Smedstad’s culinary creations draw inspiration from traditional Mexican and Southwestern flavors, resulting in a menu that showcases dishes like the signature Elote corn, which is the best I have ever had, and unreal enchiladas.

4. The Hudson – Best Casual Meal With A View

Price: $$$-$$$$

Best Restaurants Sedona

For those seeking a sophisticated dining experience in a chic setting, The Hudson is a must-visit.

The Hudson is an amazing spot to eat with arguably my favorite food. It can be pricey but wow you absolutely get some amazing quality with the food!

This upscale eatery features a diverse menu of American cuisine with a modern twist.

Best Restaurants Sedona

Guests can indulge in dishes like grilled salmon, prime rib, and artisanal pizzas, or just an amazinfg club sandwich or burger all while enjoying the warm and inviting ambiance.

Of course the view is equally as amazing and every time I come back here I move this place up the list. Between the view, ambiance and food quality… you can’t miss this place!

5. Page Springs Cellars – Best Winery

Price: $$

best wineries in Sedona

If you have read any other of my Sedona articles you know I love this place.

It is such a great place to go with the views of the wineries, cheap-ish wine tastings and a solid menu. They also have live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

I recommend trying all wine tasting menus and the spinach artichoke dip, I don’t even care that much about spinach or artichokes but it is delightful.

Best Winery In Sedona

You can leave there with a full stomach and 4 wine tastings for under $100!

If you are in Sedona for a date weekend, a girls trip… maybe a guys trip… you absolutely have to stop by here along with the other two wineries right next door.

It is in what I will call the winery corridor right next door to D.A. Ranch, Javelina Leap Vineyard and Oak Creek Vineyards.

See our article here for the best wineries in Sedona.

6. Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill 

Price: $$$$

Best restaurants in Sedona with a view

Perched on a hilltop, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill offers not only a culinary feast but also unparalleled views of Sedona’s iconic red rocks.

If you have been to Sedona you’ve surely driven by it before. While it is pricey, the decor, views and atmosphere are worth the price of splurging a little.

Helmed by acclaimed chef Lisa Dahl, this restaurant combines the vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine with a touch of Sedona’s local ingredients.

Best restaurants in Sedona with a view

Guests can savor expertly crafted dishes, from Peruvian ceviche to Argentine-style steaks, all while enjoying the stunning vistas that surround this dining gem.

Feel free to even stop in there for drink in between hikes and enjoy the patio! It is the perfect location in the middle of the city with it being on the way to Devil’s Bridge, Bear Mountain, Soldier’s Pass and tons of other top rated hikes for Sedona.

7. Creekside Bistro Sedona 

Price: $$-$$$

This is a great spot if you don’t want to pay or go fine dining but still have fine dining options and great food.

This charming restaurant offers a menu that highlights American classics with a contemporary flair. From fresh seafood to mouthwatering steaks, the diverse offerings cater to various palates.

Best restaurant in Sedona

I am a big fan of this place as it has some great food of all price levels, good views and ambiance but without the stuffy feeling you may get at other spots.

If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for brunch at L’Auberge definitely come here on the patio. The serene atmosphere by the creek adds an extra layer of tranquility to the dining experience.

They also have seasonal infused liquors, which add a great punch to your cocktails.

best restaurant in Sedona

They have a great menu as well with tons of options for all budgets including burgers, tacos, steak & crab cakes, fish, pasta or really anything you are craving.

8. Cress On The Creek 

Price: $$$$

Cress On The Creek is located at the infamous L’Auberge De Sedona. The price tag is hefty here but the setting and the food is terrific. 

best restaurants in Sedona

After your meal go for a nice walk down the stream or have a cocktail, it is the epitome of piece and serenity.

9. Mesa Grill

Price: $$$

Great little spot and very affordable options as well as some great fine dining food options. Their drink menu is exquisite and look at the view! P

erched up next to the airport it is a great spot to see the helicopters and planes take off all while surrounded in the red rocks.

Best restaurants in Sedona with a view

The giant windows are a great touch so that you are able to take in all of the amazing views. The service is amazing as well from the waiters to the tableside guacamole.

It also has brunch, which is surprisingly hard to find in Sedona. A lot of the places I mentioned above are pricey so this is a great place for all budget levels to go checkout with really great food.

10. Hideaway House

Hideaway house is such a unique cool spot in Sedona with delightful homemade italian dishes.

best restaurant in Sedona

If you want a homestyle comfort food then come to Hideaway House, which prides themselves on  being a great family atmosphere while also serving up delicious food with stunning canyon views from their patios.

best restaurant in Sedona

They also are a wine bar and have a full bar if you just want to stop in for a cocktail. 

They have a vast array of pasta dishes, sandwiches and of course their incredible pizzas with dough made from scratch.

11. Salt Rock

Price: $$$

Located in the beautiful Kimpton Amara Resort & Spa the food is solid but what makes this place standout is the patio, ambiance, drinks and dog-friendliness. 

best restaurants in sedona

This place has amazing craft bartenders so it is worth getting a drink and sitting outside by the fire. Who doesn’t love a good fireplace setting and this place delivers with multiple fire pits, a view, games to play and you can bring your pup!

Not sure it gets any better. Food is good as well but the location, view & ambiance really makes it a must visit for a drink if not dinner or lunch.

12. Rascal Sedona Modern Diner

Another amazing place with a relaxed atmosphere is the Rascal!

Here you get amazing homestyle food as well in a casual setting all at one of the best resorts in town the Wilde Resort & Spa.

Rascal restaurant Sedona

Bonus: The Best Donuts in Arizona!

If you want a little coffee shop with the best donuts I have had (yes way better than Bosa) then go by Sedonuts!

No frills nice little place in town and has a huge selection of delightful treats.

best restaurant in Sedona

They not only serve some of the best food, they also make their own whiskey, do bourbon tastings and infuse liquor to add some extra love to you cocktails!

They also will have live casual music to just add to the setting and end to a great day.

Want A Unique Coffee Shop?

One more extra bonus is lots of people’s favorite coffee shop in Synergy! 

best restaurant in Sedona

It definitely is in the Sedona mold being Sedona’s only organic coffee & elixir bar. They serve a full selection of coffee, herbal drinks, raw, organic chocolate, CBD and other unique wellness products.

Where To Stay In Sedona?

I absolutely love The Wilde Resort & Spa, of which you can read more about by clicking here.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

With Sedona hotel prices being outrageous this hotel is a perfect middle ground of still being affordable but offering a truly pampering resort experience.

It has everything you need and I absolutely love staying there.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

There are a ton of places to stay in Sedona though. Honestly you can’t really stay anywhere bad as you often aren’t in your room anyways and all the hotels here are great.

I often will just pick the best deal out there in a place that has good reviews.

Enchantment Resort & L’auberge de Sedona Resort & Spa are the crown jewels but also can cost triple other hotels in the area.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

I would recommend spending 50% or less on your lodging and staying elsewhere to spend more money on food, ATVs or other entertainment if you are on a budget. 

Kimpton Amara is another higher end resort without costing a fortune. It’s also dog friendly with a great patio.



Hola! I’m Fraser & this site is a guide to help you reach your goals, travel the world and create amazing food in between. Get inspiration for travel, recipes & to follow your dreams.

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