The Best Affordable Luxury Resort In Sedona: The Wilde Resort & Spa

If you are looking for a luxurious resort in Sedona without breaking the bank like at some of the insanely expensive hotels… The Wild Resort and Spa is for you!

Best hotel in Sedona

From start to finish I truly felt absolutely pampered by the hotel, it was such a luxurious experience that everyone will love.

The Wilde Resort and Spa is a tranquil oasis right in the heart of Sedona offering every amenity you need while going above and beyond with comfort and amazing touches to your affordable hotel in Sedona

Nestled amidst the captivating Sedona red rocks, the Wilde Resort and Spa stands as a testament to luxury, relaxation, and natural beauty.

This idyllic destination seamlessly blends world-class accommodations with the breathtaking landscapes of Sedona, creating a haven for those seeking a rejuvenating escape all while being in the middle of the action.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

From its exquisite spa treatments to its elegant accommodations, the Wilde Resort and Spa offers an unparalleled experience providing a perfect home for your Sedona getaway.

It offers everything you need for a quintessential Sedona trip. The many fireplaces scattered around the grounds, s’mores kits, views of the red rocks, rooftop, heated pool with a bar, hot tub, yard games, board games and of course an amazing restaurant along with luxurious spa.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

This the also the best for families, couples or even business travelers with their office and banquet rooms.

Cozy Luxurious Rooms

The rooms are incredibly comfortable with large cozy beds and the best shower & bath of my life.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

This is not hyperbole about the shower & bath, it was the best ever after some hikes kicked my butt… which you can find the best hikes in Sedona article here. 

The giant shower had the waterfall feature and from the side, with a bench to just sit after 15+ miles of hiking that day. Then hopping in the oversized floating bathtub with their provided bath salts… heaven.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

In rooms guests can revel in the serenity of their surroundings, with many rooms offering panoramic views of the iconic red rock formations or the resort’s lush gardens.

The tasteful decor and modern amenities create an atmosphere of refined elegance, ensuring a relaxing and indulgent stay.

Tranquility at the Spa

Designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit, the spa offers a comprehensive menu of treatments inspired by both traditional and contemporary wellness practices.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

Guests can indulge in therapeutic massages, revitalizing facials, and soothing body wraps, all performed by skilled and attentive therapists.

The spa’s tranquil ambiance, coupled with the use of premium skincare products, guarantees an immersive and deeply relaxing experience.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

The spa offers fruit, water, flavored water, lots of unique teas and they even have a gift shop area, steam rooms and two hot tubs for spa guests.

Dining At The Rascal Restaurant

The Rascal is part of the renowned Mercer group that has some of the best restaurants in Sedona, of which you can find by clicking our article here!

Rascal restaurant Sedona

The food is homemade dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients giving you that comfort meal you might need after some hiking days.

For liquor enthusiasts, they offer bourbon tastings and even make their own whiskey! They also have infused vodka and tequila to make some of your cocktails pop even more.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

Their commitment to making things from scratch and homemade cocktails is unparalleled. 

They also often have someone performing peaceful life music for you to enjoy at night setting the perfect ambiance.


The resort also offers a plethora of activities for people staying at the hotel. 

best affordable hotel in Sedona

The schedule changes per the season but typically they will have classes offered thursday through Sunday or even more days during the busy season.

They have yoga, meditation, rooftop sunset happy hours and more!

Event & Meeting Hosts

The Resort also has massive ballrooms great for events and weddings as well as meeting rooms for your work affordable hotel in Sedona Wilde Resort & Spabest affordable hotel in Sedona Wilde Resort & Spa

best affordable hotel in Sedona

No matter what your reason for Sedona is, the Wilde Resort and Spa has you covered!

The Wilde Resort and Spa in Sedona stands as a beacon of luxury and tranquility in the heart of Arizona’s mesmerizing landscapes.

best affordable hotel in Sedona

With its opulent accommodations, rejuvenating spa, delectable cuisine, and diverse recreational offerings, the resort provides an unforgettable escape for those seeking a harmonious blend of indulgence and natural beauty.

Best hotel in Sedona



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