How To Find The Sedona Subway Cave Hike

How do you hike the Subway Cave in Sedona? Getting to the Sedona Subway is one of the biggest kept secrets in Sedona as locals and everyone likes to keep gems like this a secret. 

The Subway Cave is also home to Sinagua ruins that you must visit when you are up near and in the cave. You can also visit one of the Sedona vortexes on this Boynton Canyon Hike.

Of course our stance is we want everyone to have the best experience, views and get the biggest smiles possible so we want to share how to get to the Subway Cave in sedona!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

It can actually be really tough as the directions out there for how to get the Subway are as clear as mud! All Trails suggestions and peoples maps didn’t help a ton so we have pictures, videos and more on how to get to the Subway!

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Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

The hike itself isn’t hard at all, we would rank it as “easy” but it is 5.3 miles round-trip so to some that could be “moderate” if you are not able bodied. It is mostly flat with only a couple places of any significant incline.

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Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

At the end as you go up to the Subway it is a little tough going to climb up the narrow gap however 85% of people can do it. If you can’t there is another way to do it by going to the left up towards the little ruins and wrap around vs. directly right up the mini cliff.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

However, below you will find step by step instructions and markers to find the Sedona Subway. Check out our Sedona Bucket List and Top Restaurants in Sedona articles too so you can see those while there!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

There are also a couple of ruins that you cannot miss! As you do the final trek up to the Subway you will notice the ruins on the side of the mountain to your left. You can easily enough walk around to there before or after your Subway visit.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona Pinterest

Sedona Subway Cave Hike via Boynton Canyon Trail



Elevation Gain:

1,000 ft


5.3 Miles Round-Trip | Out & Back

Need directions to the Subway Cave in Sedona? Well this will give you everything you need below!

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Birthing Cave Hike Sedona

Starting at the Boynton Canyon trailhead it is simple enough. There will be a couple of forks in the road early but they are well marked with big signs telling you where to stay on the Boynton Canyon trail.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

You will walk next to the Enchantment Resort with it on your left for around a mile. The hike itself is pretty as you are in the canyon the entire trail.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

There will be a creekbed 1.2 miles into the hike and you are over halfway to the turnoff from the main path.

The turnoff is the hardest part where many get lost as people say there is an “alligator tree” and sticks blocking a turn off, however there is actually a similar setup 1.63 miles into the hike, so don’t get confused!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

The turnoff to the Subway Cave is 2.02 miles from the trailhead. You will pass this “alligator tree” pictured below, which will be on your left.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

There are sticks on the right, which you can see about 15 feet to the right past the tree. That is where you will turn off the path and go towards the Subway.

From the turn off it is only another .65 miles to the Subway but there is one more fork that throws people off!

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

You will come to a fallen tree and creek bed .18 miles from the turnoff (pictured above). Do not cross the creek bed, where there is a trail as well, turn sharp right past the broken tree stump and go up the hill.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

It is smooth sailing with an easy path to follow from there for the last .47 miles or so. There is a little bit of an incline but nothing too crazy.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

As you go up towards the Subway you will see the ruins on your left up on the mountain. Definitely go see the after or before you stop by the Subway.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

You can access the Subway by going directly up, like the picture above, or you can go to a path that is between the Subway and the ruins.

That way is a little easier and then you wrap around on the ledge to get to the Subway vs. going up the tight little cliff face area.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona

Definitely take your time and take all the pictures! There are a few cool little caves and two ruins! Plus tons of stunning views from the multiple lookouts.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona


  • Pretty flat & easy most of the way
  • One of the coolest pictures in Sedona
  • Also has open mouth caves around the corner
  • Has ruins around the corner
  • Path is shaded often, which is great during the summer
  • Boynton Canyon is a really pretty hike on its own
  • Lots of free parking just 500 feet down the street from the trailhead
  • Dogs allowed on a leash


  • No real cons! Great length of hike and good for most any level of hiker.
  • It is hard to find but with this article it should make it much easier.


  • Follow this guide or it can be hard to find
  • Be sure to see the ruins and other open mouth caves nearby
  • If you aren’t comfortable going straight up into the cave you can access the Subway easier by going to the left and walking up and around vs. directly up into the cave.

Subway Cave Trail Hike Boynton Canyon Sedona Pinterest


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  1. I’ve been searching for clear directions to this cave for weeks now. We are going to Sedona next month and this was high on our list so I appreciate this article. thank you!

  2. We are headed to Sedona this weekend and I’ve been looking everywhere for the directions to this cave. Thank you so much! Was it very crowded?

    1. Fraser Inspires

      You’re welcome! It wasn’t too bad actually. I would say like 10-15ish people up there right in peak part of the day. Everyone was really nice and helpful all taking pictures for each other and such. Just encouraging everyone to pick up after themselves and such to keep it in great shape!

  3. Thank you guys so so much!! Going for my birthday in couple of days. Really want to see it!! Wish us luck!!
    How long did it took you round trip??

    1. Fraser Inspires

      Great! It is actually a really easy hike so only about 2-2.5 hours round-trip but then spending an hour up there hanging around.

  4. Thank you! What a great article! We followed your directions and went there this morning, early! It was beyond amazing!

  5. Visited today, the directions were perfect! I had found another post earlier that wasn’t as clear as yours. Went late in the day on a Monday and there was nobody out there!

    1. Fraser Inspires

      No there isn’t. Use Google Maps and download the offline maps to help you as well. Then it works without service. Would screenshot this article though to help as well.

  6. I’m trying to figure out the best time of the day and lighting for photographs. Which way does the cave face – West or East? Thanks.

  7. Very happy to have visited the Sedona Subway Cave today, and I must thank you for your very clear and accurate directions. The pictures you posted are a great help, and led us to a wonderfully satisfying hike! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Family and I are hoping to go visit Sedona soon! Thanks so much for sharing this article – so helpful! Would you recommend this hike for kids? We have 2 daughters ages 9 and 11 and wondering if it’s do-able for them?

    1. Great, you will love it! Yes, I think for active kids it will be fine, I know I would have loved it is a great adventure. It is a little tricky at the end but kids are resilient and probably handle it better than the parents do.

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